What do you do when you and your wife have a combined net worth of around $900 million?

Call up all your celebrity anti-gun friends and make a video FULL of guns and gun play.  Typical.

Beyonce-Demand-A-PlanPretty much a useless video, but it looks like it would have been fun to make.

Thoughts?  Does it piss you off when anti-gun celebrities jump on the gun bandwagon when it’s convenient?  YouTube views for example.


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Posted because this textbook, classic LOX… plus 3:00 is important to gun / rap culture.


From Sheek Louch’s verse at around 3:00:

Out the Chevy I dump and reload
With something out a magazine
Pretty bitch / whip something out a magazine
Gun on me / clip? nah that’s a magazine
I make money flip easy / no trampoline

See guys, rap isn’t all bad… people actually could learn something from this song. MAGAZINE not a CLIP.

ClipMagazineLessonPound Cake is definitely one of the top songs on the new Drake album.  The whole album is hot though, you should check it out.

I still think MrColionNoir and I should drop gun related freestyles over beats we like.

Turn my mic up…Louder:

ENDO, every day I don’t ever take a day off
Coolin out where they rioted after the playoffs
Working for yourself there’s no chance of a layoff
My AR been the shit since I started taking the K off
Troll hard tell me ENDO you’re a wack rapper
What’s a heckler to a koch if the bullets backward?
What’s a hat without a notch for your sunglasses?
What’s a Buck Yeager reference without the pic after?
*drops mic*



Jay-z should stick to making classic rap albums:

I knew I shouldn’t have watched this.  I was listening to Magna Carta Holy Grail just before too.  I’m convinced Jay is just fishing for more haters.  When you have a net worth of 1/2 a billion dollars and Beyonce for a wife one would think your hater count would be at max… I suppose a race thing is always a good way to get some extras that may have previously been happy for him and his success.

3:15 – LOL at the conspiracy with the NRA and people wanting to hold onto their guns was pure gold *slow clap*

Everyone should read this – http://www.dlas.org/questions-zimmerman-verdict/ and watch this:

Trayvon-Martin-Shooting-TargetI know I’ve made this joke 100 times… but what I’m really waiting for is Ja Rule to weigh in.


Hat tip: Kelly



Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s teams would have to agree to donate concert tickets. Neither has signed onto the project yet.

Williams likened the program to NYC’s current buyback program that allows New York residents to surrender their guns for $250 cash, saying he would like to launch the program March 23 at a local church if the police department approves.

Full Story – Business Insider

As the article says, it’s not official yet, but the idea is being pitched to her.  I saw Beyonce in concert once, she was quite good.  That said, if NY currently has a $250 buyback program I would definitely rather have the money if I lived there.

Just because I feel like quoting Jay-z from one of my favorite songs “Where I’m From“:

I’m from where you can’t put your vest away and say you’ll wear it tomorrow because the day after they’ll be saying “Damn I was just with him yesterday”

BeyonceCough up a lung where I’m from / ENDO son, ain’t nothin nice.

I like Beyonce the best when she sings / looks good, not when she demands stupid plans.


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$330 from Billionaire Boys Club (BBC)

I’m a bit disappointed that Jay-z didn’t have a dump pouch on there filled with diamonds, and ground up unicorn horns.

I’m not a fan of the jacket.  It almost looks like something a fireman would wear.  I’ll take that $2000 Givenchy leather hoodie he’s wearing underneath it though.

Did I fail and call this PALS when it’s actually MOLLE?  I think I got it figured out now… PALS is the strips of webbing, and MOLLE is the whole system.

I do like military inspired clothing, as long as it’s tasteful.


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The two on the left are clearly taken from the following:


Damn, looks like they replaced it with plain banner with no pictures. :/