jeff bloovman

Jeff Bloovman explains:

From-My-Cold-Dead-Paws-Cover-Cats-Guns0:19 – WHAT? A 1911 stopped working in a class?  Since when does that ever happen? *sarcasm*

0:35 – I’m assuming he’s talking about the no look (while looking) derp scan everyone does.

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These guys make some good points:

So yeager carries 3 guns all the time… now THAT is operator.  I bet he’s got multiple backup mags too.

Interesting how they say they don’t know any police officers that open carry off duty… that’s gotta say something about the value of blending in.

I still don’t think a good reason to conceal carry is to protect the feelings of the pansies out there that shit their pants with fear when they see a firearm.  If it’s legal, get used to it and quit wasting the time of the police if the person isn’t doing anything that would suggest they are going to harm anyone.

I know this topic has been beaten to death… but thoughts?