haha I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before:

Jello-Glock-Torture-TestMonica Mattv2099 is slippin by having not filled shotgun shells and various other cartridges up with food :P.  I’d much rather watch and hear Matt than this guy too… he would definitely do it right and make dudes mad.  I just emailed him, and suggested he at least make a 12GA confetti-type round that shoots out TrollFaces.  That would be legit AF. I think Matt would really benefit from a slow motion camera to really capture the essence of trolling in as many frames as possible.

Matt did do a Jello Glock Trollture test, which was pretty funny because it made the Glock malfunction.

Thoughts?  How long until some idiot tries to take an actual SHOT of Jello in his mouth using this method?  People are so dumb.

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Red Jello Glock:

LOL at the FTFs and FTEs.  Note to self… keep Glocks away from Jello when operating in operations.

Scrambled Egg Glock:

haha not as bad as the Jello… but still funny to see that slide locking back on him.

There are a lot of Glock torture tests out there, most of which the Glock passes with flying colors.  Dragging one down a dirt road and even General operating in operations to the extreme to name another.  FPSRussia even does a torture test of his own.  Another guy actually had a Glock 34 fail after he ran a torture test of his own on it… then he got frustrated and peed on it.

Thoughts?  How long until Vigilant Sphincter starts training for Jello Malfunctions?  You know damn well they go home and do Jello shots out of each other’s belly buttons, I hate to see some Jello splash on the Glocks they had sitting around, and then jam up if they needed to quickly put one to use.

Hat tip: Ken


One of many very realistic looking entries into a Brooklyn, NY jello mold competition.

If you check out the gallery, some of them are pretty disturbing, in a “i’d never eat that even if it is jello” type of way.

Some of the cartridges look like 9mm, although others look very enlongated.  Maybe it was the way they were taken out of the mold that stretched them though *shrug*.  What do you guys think?