Jerry Miculek

Shootout Lane:

Shootout Lane is a new reality series following Jerry Miculek and his family as they cover everything from matches, day to day life, and a behind the scenes look at the filming of our YouTube videos! See a behind the scenes look at the life of ‘The First Family of Shooting’!

Premieres on the Outdoor Channel April 1st (next Wednesday).  It’s sad that because (I’m guessing) this show won’t be a train wreck with drama and safety violations it probably won’t ever get big time popular…. like Kardashian levels.   You need to be a mess to make it there.  Funny as I was typing Kardashian I assumed the red dots would appear underneath it because it’s a surname not a dictionary word.  Nope… it’s in Chrome’s dictionary.  Miculek isn’t though!  *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Jerry-MiculekI own a 55″ tv that has razor thin bezel and is less than an inch thick *lifestyle flex*, but haven’t had cable or satellite in 10 years.  I hope Outdoor Channel puts up the full episodes online or YouTube, but I’m guessing that’s unlikely.  I picture Jerry being a beast with the contracts though, so maybe he worked that in for us.



The most tactical old man on the internet Jerry Miculek blew a stack on a 4k camera:

Jerry has NEVER lived in the no flex zone.  0:22 – On some fruit loops shit, Dude evidently copped a toucan just to stunt.

Jerry-MiculekIf Apple would get off their ass and actually release 4k displays, I’d be on that viewing level.  For now though I’ll slum it with 1080p.  Actually 1080p seems to stream better anyway… I don’t know what kind of connection you need to stream 4k, but seems like mine chokes when I try.

So based.  Thoughts?


Jerry has some fun with zombie and creepy clown targets:

History-Channel-ZombiesAt the time of writing this post I haven’t watched episode 1 of season 5, but I plan on doing that soon.

Looks like that derpy zombie target company still makes the Obama one *face palm*.


Smith & Wesson has a new gun and a new promo:

You can find out more about the M&P 22 Compact at their splash site. Looks like it retails for $389. I wonder how it does with cheap ammo?

Jerry-MiculekSure the video is crisp, but kind of a waste of time.

Doesn’t S&W own Jerry Miculek?  LOL Seriously though, why isn’t Jerry doing videos for them?  Yea I get it Jerry is old, but they can edit in a young guy shooting in his place in post production.

Do they expect #MAKEFUNFUNNER trend?  Or did the old guys in marketing hear about “the hashbrown tags” from their grandsons lately and decide to try it out?




Jerry-MiculekOMG he missed on the first shot, what is this world coming to! LOL :P

What makes it even crazier is that this guy is grandpa age now.  1000 yards isn’t a short distance to put sights onto a balloon, I don’t care if it’s fluorescent.

hahaha “I had to aim at the sky like a rocket launcher”.  150 ft of elevation compensation is nuts.



Jerry Miculek puts speed holes in EVERYTHING:

I love this guy and his channel.  If Jerry isn’t walking around with two hyperbaric chambers protecting those hands/fingers like David Duchovny in Zoolander then he really should raise his insurance to like a billion dollars in case of an accident.  At least he has an excuse when his wife asks him to do anything involving manual labor like take the garbage out, mow the lawn, wash dishes etc… “Those guns aren’t going to shoot themselves fast Irene!  I need to protect the assets”.

Oh and since I’m throwing out hand model references, here’s some Seinfeld to chew on:

david-duchovny-zoolander-hand-modelhaha nothing but a claw. Thoughts?