When keepin’ it real goes wrong:

Pimp strut not included.


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Miami, FL – Nayara Goncalves already experienced one of the “biggest moments” of her life: becoming a Christian.

The second came last Friday, when the 20-year-old cellphone store manager put her good works to good use — persuading a would-be armed robber to put away his gun and leave her store in the name of the Lord.

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Wow, pretty intense.  I kept thinking the robber was going to shoot himself.

“You don’t need to do this, Jesus is coming soon… Go to YouTube, watch the videos”  I had to laugh at that… what a sign of the times when someone is told to check out YouTube to learn about religion.


I always knew Jesus would use a Barrett M95.

Source – BoingBoing

That picture perfectly compliments my “Biblical Magpul Dynamics” photoshop from a few months back.



I think this is some of my best work:


More than two months after an ABC News report that rifle scopes used by U.S. soldiers are inscribed with secret Biblical references, troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are still carrying the so-called Jesus rifles – and the U.S. military says it could take a year to remove the Bible codes from all its weapons. (ABC News source)

A year? I wonder how many millions of dollars this will cost. :roll: COME ON…

These aren’t your average cheap rifle scopes.  If they want the verse removed just tell the soldiers to take a rock, screwdriver etc.. to the inscription.  Or make one guy in every unit, in charge of the task. Problem Solved. It’s not like the lettering stands more than a couple hundredths of an inch high. You just would have to be careful not to scratch off the serial number.

I talked about the story when it first surfaced in January on a post called Trijicon – Religious Aiming Solutions which got quite a bit of attention on forums for the photoshop I did.