NOTE: The video was removed from youtube, so either the ATF booted down the Emo’s door, shot his dog and took his computer… or else maybe he just got wind of the AOW he made (as pointed out by Miguel in the comments) and deleted it to avoid trouble.

You’ll lose a finger.. but the plus is you’ll get so much attention.

Seriously though, Ideas like this make me cringe.

I like the track they used in the video.. pretty raw. Does that make me part emo? Shit I hope not.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I could use this one, for all the work I put in on the NES growing up:

See them all – HERE

The same site has some other neat jewelery your girlfriend or wife might like if they are into shooting.


If I got my girlfriend one of these, she would likely want to punch me:

For this work, I collected spent bullets at a firing range and made jewelery out of them.

The rings that were created remove the bullet from its original function and they surprisingly turn into a bejeweled object and emphasize the beauty and aesthetics of the bullet when it is distanced from its surroundings

Every bullet retains memories and traces of the journey it underwent from the moment it was fired until it was picked up.


I have two concerns when it comes to this particular art/jewelery:

  1. Some of the corners look incredibly sharp.
  2. Am I the only one extremely conscious of lead poisoning?  At the very least I’d say those should have a clear coat on them for safety reasons.

Visit the Artist Adi Zaffran’s website – HERE

Thanks to Lloyd, Michael,  and Steven for the Link!