Jim Fuller

Content the world needed:

Holy the shooting footage at the starting is really nicely done too.

Their talk starts at 2:25 if you want to skip past the “Little Mother Limited” cringe ad… literally the worst name for a company I’ve ever heard.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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On “AKs made for the ‘gram”:

Yea basically.  When you spend more than a day on Instagram you realize that the most attention comes from the flashy stuff, and secondly the rare and expensive stuff.

Sonny and Jim are both looking healthy.  Good to see.



Great interview:

Oh no firearmblog baby what is you doing… I’m 16 seconds into a video and you already have some paid promo about BLACKHAWK! clothing?  *smh* secure the bag 💰 I guess.

0:17 – I didn’t realize he sold Rifle Dynamics.  Interesting.  Who bought it?  I did some googling, but there seems to be a lot of speculation and no definite answer.

0:45 – Oh firearmblog my patience is wearing thin… this interview is censored?  Do I need to contribute to the Pateron or something in order to not be treated like a 5 year old that can’t hear the word shit? LOL

Great looking guns.



Dear god….:

Rifle-Dynamics-Silencerco-AK47Not only is the video awesome, but those AK’s look like the AK’s in my dreams.  Jim Fuller (Rifle Dynamics) tha gawd.

I know Mattv2099 recently took a class with him and built one.  Any of you guys take his class?  I don’t know much about Jim, but from the interviews I’ve seen with him he seems like an awesome down to earth guy.

0:53 – Got me needing a Gatorade to quench the thirst.

Even the wooden case with the shredded (wood?) noodle looking padding and the separate magazine space is amazing.

More info over at the Silencerco summit website.  $3500 is the damage too, so make sure your girlfriend or wife isn’t looking when you bring the plastic up out tha leather.  Better yet, toss another one on there for her… but at the very least buy her a pair of shoes or a summer purse or something.   I live vicariously through you guys ok… give me a break, damn.