Jim Huish

Jim Huish just won’t go away:

American-Flag0:28 – #NeverShoulderNeverForget

I’ve mentioned it multiple times before, but it’s so painful to witness Jim chasing the dragon still after that first (and only) viral video high – As you can see he’s up to 6M views on that vid now.  I’m impressed with that because it was unique, but I haven’t been impressed since because everything he now does is so derivative.

Him and my least favorite Australian Steve Lee, should do a duet.

1:30 – LOL sponsors.  How he convinced multiple companies to supply ammo and guns, I’ll never know.

Thoughts?  If you’re feeling charitable, you should share this video with everyone you know.  It only has 3400 views at the moment, and it’s four days old, which means it’s basically already forgotten about because that’s equivalent to like 49 internet years.

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That’s cold.  Ice cold, why you have to go and do him like that Jim?

Frozen-guns-ShootingTheAkGuy version is the goat.  I’d say Jim Huish needs to quit while he’s ahead, but that old adage doesn’t apply when you’re as washed as Jim is (linked is a history of his downfall from semi-greatness).



No Jim… just no:

It’s all about the sponsors now as you can see in this video.  So little effort put in the last few videos, and the views really are reflecting that.  I made a post called The Steady Quality Decline Of Jim Huish Videos Continues a while back, and it looks like we haven’t hit rock bottom yet as I thought and hoped.

Wyclef-Jean-Diresta-AK47-Guitar1:08 – “We’re just going to keep rolling with it”  …. ughhhhhhh.  Oh well keep at it Jim, maybe you’ll fluke another “cup song” eventually.  If I could make one suggestion, maybe try ruining a song that actual MEN listen to… not this kind of shit a person’s girlfriend would force them to listen to on a car ride.  If Jim dropped some shooting with rap (gunshots on the beat) style song, I might be back on board.  Just keep your dignity and don’t take on a whole load of sponsors to shill in the videos.  The rise to success again is going to have to be casual Jim, or else I really don’t think it’s going to happen.



I was actually optimistic when I saw the title of this one:

Pepe-Sad-Frog-Rain-WindowSure enough though, there’s actually very little Can Cannon baseball footage.  It’s basically a sneaky way to try and sell some of his mediocre songs on iTunes.  In retrospect that seems what this is all about anyway, right?  He just got lucky that the first video was unique and well done.

Painful to watch… Someone should set up a Indiegogo to help him and his brother out.  Thoughts?


This is annoying at best:

Pepe-Sad-Frog-Rain-WindowI’d like to say “Jim should stick to shooting-as-percussion for song videos”, but after his shooting debut with The Cup Song (which is currently at 5.2M views), the entertainment value has been declining at an incredibly rapid rate (Uptown funk gun cover, The Heartbeat song gun cover)…. and here we are.  I hate to see what the next video will be, if the trend continues.




0:08 – OMG no one has even started singing yet and girl is having a tea party with that grip.

0:13 – Oh lawd… this is going to be a long 2.5 minutes… so in between shooting and going back to teacup grip WITH HER SEMI AUTO BERETTA, she’s racking the slide to eject a perfectly good round.  Cool story babe.

0:25 – AAHHHhhhh she’s doing the same thing with the AR-15 now too.  Ok, to stop myself from getting even more mad I’m just going to say it was for the sake of percussion.

0:36 – Breathe Mike… breathe… It’s only a song…. breathe…

0:44 – Meh… would right swipe.  Might re-consider later and hit her with the “unmatch” though over some minor shit because I’m picky like that.

Please tell me they picked up all those perfectly good ejected live rounds.

If you missed the two other Jim Huish tracks, there is the Cup Song and Uptown Funk.


You know what… I’ll take this over that Aussie joker Steve Lee any day though.  That dude needs to apologize to music and sound in general.

I googled the original Kelly Clarkson song, and my first thought was “What happened to her, she’s like 400 lbs now?”.  Then I thought I might have been mistaken, that maybe she was always on the rotund side so naturally I did some google images research… Nope, I was right she used to be skinny back in the American Idol days.  That’s where my research ended though.  If one of you guys drops some knowledge on me in the comments like “Uh Mike, she has some rare disease so she can’t help it you shithead”, then I feed bad / apologize in advance.