Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies be like “I’m all for the 2nd Amendment BUT”:

I really wouldn’t expected that to go over as well as it did with the crowd, they were cracking up.  He’s in Boston though, so that might have something to do with it.  I know I don’t have to point out the flaws in his “comedy” with you guys, because they are extremely obvious.

Holy that was a long 16 minutes.  Please don’t waste part of your lunch break watching the video, then get pissed off at me that you’ll never get that time of your life back.  haha, but if you have it on while you’re supposed to be working like most of you will… I suppose that wont be as big of an issue.

I have to admit the “you’re bringing guns to a drone fight” and the musket joke at the end made me laugh.  Not enough to make me want to download all this douchebags comedy and binge watch it though.


Hat tip: Weerd


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