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WTF is soccer right?

Joerg-SpraveCrazy slingshot guy still has it!  If you’ve followed this blog for a long period of time you know I have little use for professional sports.  I caught the end of that FIFA World Cup game at my cousin’s house though, and I have to say I enjoyed seeing that Argentine star Messi pout after his loss.  Pure gold that soccer awards a trophy to the first place loser and follows them around on camera for a good half an hour while they sulk.  Poor guy makes only a reported $64 million a year for running around on the grass… rough life.  113 minutes until that one and only goal was scored… now that’s what I call boring.



Crazy slingshot guy deserves this:

Joerg-SpravePretty cool.  Good use of QR codes for once too.  He should convince his wife they need to be up on the wall of his home grid’ed out like that.

He really is an artist when it comes to making those things.  If you live near Osnabrük Germany, make sure to check it out.



Crazy Slingshot guy takes a look at some rubber band guns:

His new workshop looks pretty awesome (He put a PDF up with pictures on his forum).  Lots of room to mess around in.  I wonder if he’s doing this for a living now.  I remember in the past he was against making money of his designs and emphasized he was just doing it for “fun”.  Anyone know?

4:41 – That lever action one is really cool. Doesn’t look like it would function all that well if used quickly though.

Joerg-Sprave8:30 – I bet that Coldsteel torpedo will fly like a beast!  LOL that Bowie knife is ridiculous.



Joerg Sprave the crazy sling shot guy makes every teachers worst nightmare:

Needs MOAR shoulder thing that goes up, not to mention a cooling fan on the magazine.

The way he puts these things together is always the most interesting part.  I still think he could make more than a comfortable living if he were license out the designs to get produced / sold.

Not one of his most deadly guns, but I still wouldn’t want to be hit by it.

Joerg-SpraveWhat are those black pencils anyway?  Is that some German thing?  Bro do you even HB?  Ahhh I see Faber-Castell on the zoom in… dude is rich!  I used to write with those yellow ones from Wal-Mart before I found a refillable mechanical pencil I liked using.  On a related note, how heartbreaking is it when you lose a mechanical pencil that has been with you through thick and thin?  Sorry, I got feels there reminiscing about lost past pencils that I never found. *pours out liquor*



I give crazy slingshot guy 4 out of 5 eyebrow raises for this one:

As a prolific gun blogger, girls throwing panties up on my keyboard is a constant annoyance… thankfully they don’t have the technology that Joerg has, because it looks like it would hurt.

haha that heard shaped slingshot too.  Oh lawd… a panty crossbow bolt *face palm*.  Ban assault panties!  If it only saves one life…

Shit-Just-Got-WeirdLOL this guy definitely has an ample amount of fun with his projects.



Sure enough, he confirms the video was fake, and explains how he did it:

Joerg-Sprave3:03 – He used MS Paint! haha that’s what I call skillz.  I could think of a few easier ways he could have accomplished that with his video editing software (a “mask” for one), but whatever.. what he did seemed to do the trick.

I’ll definitely watch his Zombie Wars movie when it comes out.  You can go like the Facebook page for that if you’re interested.