Wtf Joerg really flies off the rails every now and then with a vid:

His wife must be *smh*’ing non stop around there haha.

3:06 – You had to smack it didn’t you Joerg?

I really hope ballistic gel companies don’t start releases asses.  Although a “never nude” one that came with short jorts would be hilarious.

Joerg-SpraveIf you didn’t pucker it while watching the slow motion / listening to his description then you’re not human. :P

4:30 – Uggggghhhhhh didn’t he hurt Dummesaulol enough in that last video he did with them?  That video was hard to watch for real.  PS, why aren’t those girls in any of these new videos?  That makes me think those girls may have been with the Dummesaulol guys, and not actually Joerg’s daughters as I originally thirsty-guessed.