Crazy slingshot guy’s most controversial video yet:

DummesaulolDummesaulol is what these guys call themselves.  What a half-assed version of Jackass… trying to out-USA the USA NEVER ever works.  Regardless I laughed at those intro clips, because how can you not when guys are getting banged in the crotch and thrown off stuff? haha

3:10 – Joerg’s daughters?  *Thirst activated. More info needed* LOL

Holy that is insane those guys are taking those shots to the face with shitty gas station sunglasses on.  The lens coming out on the guy at 3:42 could have easily slit his eyeball wide open.

3:57 – Cool stars and strips boxer shots brAh. Troll much? *smh*

4:36 – HARD BOILED?  You have to be kidding…. ack right to the face with NO EYE PRO.  Man that’s dirty… right to the eye, I thought Joerg was better than that kind of move.  I hope that “not telling him” was just a stunt for the camera to knot a few panties (and the kid actually agreed to it).

5:20 – Man… seriously they are going to get shot with an ostrich egg?  This is nuts… pure insanity.  Damn, that looked painful.  Have fun with that internal bleeding.



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Crazy Sling Shot Guy goes all in:

Joerg-SpraveLOL yea I wouldn’t want to be hit with that.   haha @ his awesome laugh as usual.


Crazy slingshot guy deserves this:

Joerg-SpravePretty cool.  Good use of QR codes for once too.  He should convince his wife they need to be up on the wall of his home grid’ed out like that.

He really is an artist when it comes to making those things.  If you live near Osnabrük Germany, make sure to check it out.



Joerg Sprave the crazy sling shot guy makes every teachers worst nightmare:

Needs MOAR shoulder thing that goes up, not to mention a cooling fan on the magazine.

The way he puts these things together is always the most interesting part.  I still think he could make more than a comfortable living if he were license out the designs to get produced / sold.

Not one of his most deadly guns, but I still wouldn’t want to be hit by it.

Joerg-SpraveWhat are those black pencils anyway?  Is that some German thing?  Bro do you even HB?  Ahhh I see Faber-Castell on the zoom in… dude is rich!  I used to write with those yellow ones from Wal-Mart before I found a refillable mechanical pencil I liked using.  On a related note, how heartbreaking is it when you lose a mechanical pencil that has been with you through thick and thin?  Sorry, I got feels there reminiscing about lost past pencils that I never found. *pours out liquor*



A drill, some fiber board, and some physics:

Joerg-SpraveHoly that Slingatron Kickstarter project he talked about looks interesting.

This guy will never run out of ideas.



Crazy sling shot guy with that fresh madness:

I love the way he says vegetable… veg-e-tab-le.  God this guy has fun making slingshots.

He should have fired the potato through a grate in front of a deep-fryer.

Joerg-SpraveHe was so excited that the frozen potato destroyed the watermelon (skull) hahah gold.  Damn that would be an embarrassing death.  It goes to show how mindful he has to be even of negligent discharges with those contraptions he builds… none of them are toys.