Crazy slingshot guy builds one:

Hmmmm unregulated auto receivers in Germany.  Who knew?  He must really love slingshots if he picks those over auto firearms.  What a waste of a auto receiver though haha man.

Joerg-SpraveMy first thought was that it looked really front heavy, but in the comments he addresses that and says that front part is made out of really light wood similar to a cigar box. There are a few different expensive “cross bow” type AR-15 upper receivers on the market you can google if you’re in the market for something for that platform that shoots arrows.



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Joerg does a promo for the new Hansel & Gretel movie (starring that guy from Hurt Locker):

Joerg-SpraveIn typical nice-guy-Joerg fashion, he didn’t want their money… he just asked for 2 tickets to the premiere.

hahah man that guy has a lot of fun doing what he does.

In theaters January 25th, 2013.


Joerg Sprave runs some tests:

This is the German equivalent of redneck science.  I would have liked to see actual data on the amount of energy transferred to the body on those shots, considering that’s basically all the matters.

Dammit Joerg… now all the criminals are going to be packing knife shooting slingshot rifles.



Various slingshots, knives etc. he has in his collection:

I would not want to get hit by any of those slingshots.  The bratwurst in his wife’s shoe for the knife cut test was pretty funny.

Joerg sure has a lot of fun.


Look out school bullies… there’s a new line of defense available for nerds:

Joerg Sprave is so awesome.  I’m really surprised he hasn’t quite his day job yet and made these things full time.  If he was able to get the design a bit more polished, and more conducive to injection molding he would be able to sell millions of them.  What kid wouldn’t want a gun like that?  I suppose it would be the parents that would be the issue…

Towards the end when he glued the arrow field top to the pencil… that was awesome.