John C. Reilly

A weird short film about shit escalating over a sale item at a dollar store:

Holy yea intense right?  That makeup is damn good too.

God I hate dollar stores; the cashiers there are never even cute.   As far as I’m concerned those stores are only good for party supplies.  Even then, the balloons there often sketchy in quality… I don’t know how many times I’ve exploded like 75% of the package as I was trying to blow them up or tie them.  Since I’m not a creep who owns one of those lesbian little balloon pumps, I get that balloon dust on my tongue / lips too and it feels weird (not a good weird).  Anyways I’m still here, so apparently I’m stronger than that balloon EBOL-AIDS the Chinese put on there to try to kill us.  Try harder or be smarter China muahhaha.

HAM-John-C-ReillyYou might Recognize the main guy (pictured left) as John C. Reilly from the movies Talladega Nights and Step Brothers and many more.

Thoughts?  Do you operate in dollar store operations?

Related note: The video above is apparently an except from a comedy show called “Rubberhead”… This first episode hosted by Sarah Silverman (*thumbs down*).  Might be worth checking out though.  The 2nd episode looks like it’s going to be hosted by Key & Peele (*thumbs up* my favorite).

Hat tip: Silencerco-Max


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