John Holschen

Shooting advice from a guy that seems to know his stuff:

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this series. The one part I don’t like though is in the first video he talks about keeping your grip high and on the demo gun he’s using he has his thumbs against the slide… yea good luck with that. You’re going to shoot and maybe you’ll get lucky a few times, but eventually your’re going to screw up the inertial of the slide and it either won’t extract the round properly or wont put a new round into battery.

haha I love the name though.  Have you ever had a tactical moment with someone?  I’m more interested in hearing stories about how you helped a cute girl pick out ammo for her CCW, not about how you locked eyes with some dude and complimented him on the amount of accessories he fit on his quad rail.

Hat tip: Mark K.


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