John Wick

Game of Thrones is over (yes that final episode pissed me off), but the parodies won’t die:

This video was actually a lot cooler than I thought it would be, but still kinda meh.  But what can we do about it fellas?  It’s “content”.


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Over at Taran Tactical:

Wow, she’s really good!  I like how they don’t mess around in those John Wick movies.  Keanu works really hard training for those movies too, as we’ve seen numerous times.

Thoughts?  The movie comes out in theaters today, are you guys going to see it?


Look good as usual:

Unsurprisingly the formula seems to be the same as John Wick 1 and 2.  Should be entertaining as usual, because Keanu is a badass and the locations are always top knotch.  Parabellum has a such a nice ring to it, I’m surprised no one else has used that word recently for a movie or show since the translation from Latin is “prepare for war”.  You might be more familiar with the full “si vis pacem para bellum” meaning “If you want peace, prepare for war”… it’s part of the starter kit all piehitters are given which includes the necessary patches to put on their 5.11 backpacks, and stickers to put on their Jeeps.

In Theaters May 17.  Whoa I can’t believe this isn’t out by now, I feel like I saw the shots of Keanu filming on a horse a long time ago (turns out that was last August).

Thoughts? Are you seeing this one in the theaters?


Keanu is good in every 2nd Amendment hood:

Good in every equestrian hood now too?  It appears so.  I can’t wait until the unreleased Taran Tactical footage of this training surfaces.

It’s respectable that he does his own stunts.  I’ve seen that Tom Cruise does too.  I can’t say that if I was that famous and rich that I’d do the same.  Seems risky.  If I even tweaked my champagne drinking arm slightly, doing something a stunt double would have gladly done I WOULD BE SO STEAMED 😤. hehe

Does Keanu read ENDO?  I’m going to say he probably has better things to do… but then again I’ve been surprised before.



Important to the culture:

haha epic.

Gat tip: SayUncle


As a website, BuzzFeed is annoying.  This is alright though:

Looks like fun.  Those BuzzFeed people actually did a lot better than I expected.