Had to switch the flow up on you triggaz shit was getting too predictable:

haha @ “Jerry Maculik” then “Mr. Manulik” in the intro roll. Not sure if trollin’

Ugh 1:14 in and it’s still scrolling… you could have at least entertained me and did it Star Wars style and put some music with it. *smh*

1:44 – Now we get to the video finally where he’s punk’ing these guys with their initial shitty stances.  Apparently filmed then, some hipster Instagram filter was applied to the video.  OOOOooooo was it X-Pro II?  I LOVE X-PRO II.

2:17 – Awwww shit proper combative stance.  Done absorbed all that push, and channeled it into a quick shuffle.

2:52 – Stern jostles are about to happen.  How long until someone hits the ground on a jostle and puts a round up through a jostler’s chin?

3:12 – A trip on the sly even… this is prison rules.

3:27 – Yep there’s that fall I was predicting.  Lucky the trigger wasn’t pulled, but more importantly the jostler had his hands up to block the round.  That is KEY.

So there you have it guys.  Looks like 2015 is shaping up to be YEAR OF THE JOSTLE.  If you missed the first tactical jostle vid check it out.

Proper-Combative-Stance-Stern-JostleIf I was going to pick a jostle so far I believe these guys in this post, from Trident Tactical Solutions meet my needs.  It’s still real early in the year though, I don’t want to be hasty and train with only the 2nd jostlers I’ve seen… it’s a free market and people are real creative, I can hardly wait.  These guys definitely have a good thing going with the instagram video filter too… I bet jostle competition jacks that idea ASAP.


Gat tip: no uno