Saw this a couple of days ago, and thought the response was funny (and true):

Have any of you guys knowest that at alot of guns shows they be selling alot of junk? I thought that gun shows suppose to have good prices on guns but they sell them at regular prices, and there ammo are the same too. You dont get no deals at gun shows, What up with the junk, books, old thing, all kinds of junk, what up with that?


The Mocking Response:

Many seasons ago, some companions accompanied me to a fire arms exhibition. Despite my reputation of being niggardly with my gold, I stowed a few coins in my purse; lest I be presented an opportunity to covet a rare item at a favorable price. Shortly after our arrival, we felt betrayed by the local yeller, whom had foretold of this weaponry festival that was rumored to attract both merchants and interested parties from far corners of the land. To our astonished disappointment, we felt that we had instead stumbled into a bazaar that was fit only for common fools and beggars, put on by filthy vagrants and layabouts. I too, knowest of what thy speak.


Colorado AR-15 shooters group original post – HERE


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