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First you’re like:

????? Hunny I have no idea. *wipes sweat off forehead* ?

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Then you’re like (this one is a video, so click play):

? @Brownellsinc

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Justin-Bieber-GlockMake sure to follow me on Instagram.  Besides the memes I post, the comments are entertaining a lot of times too.  Like on the first of these posts for example, I was educated on the fact Justin Beiber is anti-gun.  Yea I already knew that, and don’t care enough to modify my sense of humor to extensively investigate every person or company I want to crack a joke about to make sure they aren’t anti-gun and have no anti gun affiliations.  If Wayne LaPierre had a song called “What do you mean?” and another called “Sorry” I would have maybe used him in the meme instead. Oh and here’s a good one… tradecraft_hand The same idiot who wrote that instagram comment berating me for using Justin Bieber in these memes, has up a “Most instering man in the world” meme containing actor Jonathan Goldsmith who is apparently a huge Obama supporter and even had a fundraiser for him back in 2012. Pure gold.


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*predictable eye roll*:

I could see Justin Bieber being president someday with his fanbase… Kanye same possibility.  It’s all just America’s Top Celebrity / damage control expert anyway.  Despite how a lot of these younger famous guys and girls like him are vilified by the media, Justin seems like a pretty likable guy always in the interviews I’ve seen *shrug*.

Justin-Bieber-Glock11:06 – What Justin would do as president – “I’d probably just fix some of the gun laws. Because in Canada, we don’t really have any guns and there’s no gun violence, so that really solves it. I mean they think that it’s for protection and stuff, but it always ends up in some bozo’s hand.”  I’m not feeling the disarmament platform Justin.  Coming from a guy who has several armed bodyguards with him at all times, it’s pretty ironic too.  I’m kind of surprised his media people don’t advise him to avoid specific hot button subjects where you really “can’t win” either way.  Abortion, gun control, religion to name a few… if you come out with a really polarizing view on any one of those you’re going to make some enemies.  I’m not surprised Justin has the views he has on guns… he almost definitely gets all his news from the same outlets which turned him into a star so obviously he thinks guns themselves are the overwhelming problem because that’s what they all keep yapping about.  I doubt he takes the time to reflect on problems like the failure of the mental health system and what not because he’s too busy having a good time, making music, and spending money.  I’m not going to hate on him for that.  It’s just exactly why we should take anything he says with a grain of salt and just HOPE that the generation of kids that are his fans really aren’t stupid enough to actually elect him or Kanye president someday.  Sadly, I really think that’s too much to ask.  Guys, make sure to come to my party once President West or President Bieber deem gun blogs and pro gun t-shirts as part of the problem, and shut me down. :P



The Biebes wouldn’t sign Mattv2099‘s ass cheek.  This is retaliation:

Pop icons can be soooooo snobby.  Matt showed him!

Don’t even ask why a grown man has a life size Bieber.  Lets just pretend it’s his sisters.


<— Matt definitely has a custom Justin Bieber Glock in his collection.

Thoughts? Ban bumpfire assault boards!


Pop star Justin Bieber reprised his role in the hit CBS drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this past Thursday night. This was only his second episode that he appeared on the show after making his recurring role debut last year during the season premiere. However, during his last scene on the series, Bieber’s character was shot and killed dead.

If you didn’t notice, the video I posted was the remix. It’s much more hilarious with the music.

I’ll say, I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t packing his trademark white custom Glock 19.

Hat tip: Raeshawn


Cerakote came out with a Virtual Gun Coater to show off their finishes, so naturally I went with the custom Justin Bieber Coating:

You can play around with their virtual gun coater – HERE

I imagine myself OC’ing while strolling down a dark alley, when some punks approach me and I start singing the start of the chorus to this song:


The punks get creeped out and run away.

De-escalation at its finest.


I wouldn’t last 10 seconds in a room with this kid:

Also since when is the SKS ever called a chopper? I’ve only heard the AK-47 being referred to as a chopper.

I hope the real Justin Bieber changes his haircut up soon because I’m tired of seeing young guys that look like lesbians (yes I’m aware of lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com ).  I guess every generation follows celebrity trends to a certain extent, I just figured looking like a girl would never become a way to actually GET girls… figures..