KABOOM. Proof that you need to pay attention when you shoot:

Not only when you’re shooting, but also to the general state of the firearm since you last shot it (if its been a while).  It only takes a couple seconds to give it a quick once over, and could save you a lot of pain.

I hope a lot of the pictures in the video, didn’t end up hurting people as bad as one think when you see something like that. The pictures of the injuries we do see in the video definitely are not pretty.

AR-15-Kaboom-1Thoughts?  Anyone have any shooting injuries they sustained, which could have easily been prevented?

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Yes these guys that own a gun shop made a suit up to test Hi-Point guns:

The protective suit in action:

This suit was originally created to test the Hi Point pistol that we thought we were going to make explode with minimal effort. The idea is that the gun can be fired somewhat safely while still sighting it. The suit was made from a new rubber maid trash can, a pistol belt, some lexan, and some nuts and bolts. The mount for the surefire was purely for a touch of humor.

LOL oh man.. I love it.  I’d be pretty worried about my hands still though.  Some welding gloves might be a decent idea.

I used to give Hi-Point more flack on this blog than I do now, mainly because I ran out of material.   I still think their designs are hilarious… but the guns are cheap, and their lifetime warranty is respectable so good on them!

Stuff like this seems to me like a PR nightmare. I imagine Hi-Point just shrugs it off while counting their money though.


Taking kabooms to a whole other level:

And an epic rap song to go with it – HERE

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Cause was a binary pistol/rifle powder charge on a reload. There was no barrel obstruction:

I’ll probably reload someday because I have quite a bit of brass. Stuff like this scares me though.

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  • Source of thread – HERE (you need to be a member to see the pics here though)

Funny how he can just dust that ACOG off and put it on a new rifle. No surprise there though, you get what you pay for.

The shooter is apparently OK.


No surprise that Glock had a great year.

I was surprised to find out at the U.S. headquarters only employs 197 people.  I wonder how many people are employed by the company as a whole?

Glock Press Release – HERE

In celebration I added another picture to the end of the classic Glock Kaboom! post – HERE


The Rifle:

The Damage:

The Pain:

From the thread over at calguns:

I didn’t take pictures of the shooter out of respect for their privacy.. but his hands/arms were injured pretty badly. He was obviously in tremendous pain as he and his buddies waited quite a while for paramedics. Are paramedics/EMTs supposed to take their sweet time when walking onsite?

Anyhow.. I was told that the shooter(s) often times used a hammer to close the bolt. Feel sorry for the pain and damage the shooter had to endure.. but that’s the potential consequence of improper reloading and firearm use. (Source)

Judging by the pictures, there appears to be no damage forward of the chamber. It is probably an “out of battery discharge” meaning that the round somehow discharged before it was fully chambered.  There appears to be some sort of damage 1/2 way down the buffer tube, but I assume that it is probably from the buffer spring or weight when the Kaboom happened.

As some of you know, I am not a huge fan of putting a .50 in the AR platform.  I am not saying it can’t handle the recoil and doesn’t work flawlessly for lots of people.  I just personally am not comfortable using a platform which was developed for a significantly lower powered round with such a beast.

The rifle is from BOHICA ARMS

Glock owners can rest easy tonight that the story wasn’t about one of us.  Maybe we need some AR platform .50 pictures like THESE :P

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