KC Eusebio

KC Eusebio lights up the course… Larry takes his walker through it:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-Parody0:39 – If Larry calls you “homeslice” it’s like being tactically baptized.

I get the point of contrasting them, but it’s just funny to see back to back.  Larry’s model isn’t taking dynamic enemies into account.  At the speed he was going, those targets in real life could have ran all over place.  KC goes so fast, those targets could very well have been moving in real life, but the element of surprise got them.  I’d take KC’s finesse but with some defensive caution.


A cool promo video Zev Tech put out:

KC Eusebio is so quick it’s crazy!  Dat powerslide at 0:37 tho…

Zev-tech-GlockI hadn’t been to the ZEV Tech website in a few years, so I didn’t realize how much they have grown.  I still think it’s likely an inside joke in the company, that people are actually paying money to advertise the Zev Tech company logo several times on the outside of a Glock you get from them.  Obviously people don’t care and can overlook that and focus on the amazing finishes and machine work.  Seems like you can get them unbranded, or branded with your own logo even as an option… more expensive though for that?  I don’t know, but likely.  I suppose to people who care what others think, the ZEV logos are key.  It’s like dudes who tuck their shirt behind their Louis Vuitton or Hermes belt, just to flex and let the world know how baller they are.  I’d really like to get a non-branded ZEV Tech Glock someday, but I don’t shoot my Glock brand Glocks much as it is, so buying a pretentious ZEV one wouldn’t really make sense for me at the moment.



From Glock:

Mashed-Potato-Glock-Torture-TestI like how Glock promotes safety without being too preachy about it.  They put out the same type of video with the Gunny not to long ago too.

The homie Mattv2099’s Mashed Potato Glock trollture test pic to the left.  History… make sure your children know the name Mattv2099 whenever Glocks are spoken of.