Reminds of the passion Cokeman and his crew have (for better or for worse).¬† ūüė¨ūüėā

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This is a real ad placed in NRA shooting illustrated:

At least the pee drinker pictured, appears to have enthusiastically (one might even say recklessly) drank the pee of a person that was very hydrated.¬† If I was going to pick some pee to drink, better believe it would be 8+ glasses of water a day type pee… not pepperoni sticks and bud light pee.

Drinking the pee in such cold weather is a bold move as well.  I hear it really brings the tannins out.

Thoughts?  You loving KEL-TEC for this one, or is it a hard pass?

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Yessss…. another opportunity for an “It’s Lit” joke:


Good stuff.  This pic is from the Facebook page of firearms photographer Oleg Volk.  He says the pic is from the desk of George Kellgren, the designer of the KSG.  Pumping the shotgun turns the lamp on and off.

Alright guys, put your best Kel-Tec jokes in the comments… don’t disappoint me. :P

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Andrew from GY6Vids:

I’ll say it again, I absolutely loathe¬†reviews…. except apparently when Andrew does them!¬† They don’t feel “paid for”, they are casual, informative, and often funny.

That shotgun is a BEAST.  Definitely some pros/cons over the KEL-TEC KSG.

Shooting starts at xxxx if you’re impatient.

5:52 – “Field strip”. ¬†I’d hardly call that a field strip when you need multiple screwdrivers and a place to put all the bolts.

8:32 РYikes.. off to a bad start with a malfunction.  Seems like a common double barrel shotgun problem.

BraveTheWorld-Shotgun-TanktopShells ejecting down towards your crotch! ¬†Definitely can’t operate naked in it – 1/10.

10:59 – Nothing a regular shotgun wouldn’t have done.. but still cool footage of course.

17:21 – WOW… that is a GLARING DESIGN FAIL. *smh*

I still really don’t want a DP-12, but looks cool though. $1500 also, so there’s that. ¬†Definitely not Remington 870 or Mossberg¬†500 reliability.



Keanu Reeves and some gunplay:

hahha @ 1:27, are those dual Walther P22’s (.22LR) with the “compensators” LOL thats such a derpy thing to put on a 22? ¬†Longer sight radius would be a bit nicer I suppose:


I see Keanu’s acting still is the exact same.

1:34 dat KEL-TEC KSG:


1:48 – No slide recroprication :/

Oops nm… What I thought was a walther P22 looks like it might be an HK or Sig (judging by the hammer and trigger guard):


Meh I don’t know… I’ll probably watch it but I’m not trying to see it in the theater.

Thoughts? Anyone have an actual ID on the handgun with the comp, and what the comp is (if not custom)?

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Gossip website TMZ with the goods:


Zimmerman went to¬†Kel-Tec¬†in Cocoa, Florida … a gun manufacturing company.¬† We’re told he was asking questions about the legality of buying a shotgun — specifically, the Kel-Tec KSG.


Zimmerman wants a KSG!  Oh the LOLz.

I think it’s interesting that he would want his picture taken on purpose, knowing where it would likely definitely end up. ¬†Did I miss something this past week, or is there still a significant percentage of the population that wants this guy dead? ¬†Did Zimmerman suddenly become a fame-whore? ¬†Maybe Kel-Tec will use him in some controversial ads? Heh… not likely, but you never know.