MAC bought himself a shitty birthday gift:

OMG from the get go this video was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever seen.  Internally I was screaming “CHAMBER THE DAMN ROUND KSG! CHAAAAAAAAMBER IT!”.  I’m not an aggressive person but would have whacked that thing hard across a tree almost immediately, and never touched it again.  I don’t have time for bullshit like that.

Kel-Tec-KSG-Bullpup-Shotgun3:46 – Wow that welt from the ejected shells is pretty bad

4:27 – LOL gauze and duct tape tactical fix appears.  Too bad he didn’t have black gauze.

0/10 – Would NOT operate with.



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CarniK Con is back:

CarniK-Con-HotdogsListen up, and you might actually learn something.  Sweatpants, clear lens prescription aviator glasses, and a cosby-esque sweater FTW!  I could do without the manty-lines though haha.

Holy that bullpup song he breaks into half way through the video is priceless.

LOL at the “Famas’ large surrender handle”



Hickok45 takes a look:

I don’t have time for 35 minute videos, but I figured some of you might care.

If you watch it, let me know how he likes it compared to the UTS-15 shotgun he talked about a while back.



Skip to 1:48 to see them begin throwing the KSGs around:

Dropping the KSG in the shower etc…  Since it’s prison he had to watch how he bent over to pick it up:

They should have never gave you mofos KSGs… you don’t know how to appreciate shit!  /RickJames

The guys in the video are from US C-SOG (United States Corrections Special Operations Group), a group that trains corrections officers and they say that are pretty damn good at it according to their YouTube video description.

Not sure what’s with the background music, but it’s irritating.  So are the text cut scenes. :|

Looks like a fun little gun.  I wonder how well a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 would do in those same tests?


Hat tip: Ross


Sure the .357 magnum or G26 are acceptable choices for self defense.  The Kel-Tec PLR-16 with 100 round surfire mag though? haha  Trollin.. Trollin.. Trollin.. What is this, Die Hard?

I’d almost 100% guarantee if you whipped out a PLR-16 and started to “neutralize threats”, you would be neutralized yourself just because of the look of the gun.  If not, god forbid that thing was anywhere near you when the cops showed up.  You damn well better have a concealed carry badge to flash in an effort to save your life. <— That was a joke btw… in case it went over some heads. :P

Thoughts?  I’ve actually never heard the term “food court gun” before today, but I don’t frequent any forums anymore so that might explain it.


Grab a can of redbull because you’re in for the long haul:

The length of that guy’s videos is just getting out of hand. I don’t have the attention span, nor the time to watch YouTube videos that are almost an hour long, and contain about 2 minutes of useful information.

Figured some of you guys would like to see the KSG in action though.