Interference / distraction drills are so hot right now:

I don’t know what gentle jostling like this is supposed to simulate, a strong breeze?  “Oh shit gotta engage tangos and the wind is picking up, thankfully I trained for this type of thing.”

1:44 – WHOA WHOA WHOA who the hell is shooting that berm?  Wheelchair guy with the Tavor from 1:30?  NOT COOL.  Oh 360 training you say?  Alright brah train on.

Here’s another example from them… Art of the surprise jostle:

If I’ve learned anything from the internet, I know those chemtrails in an otherwise blue sky are having an effect on the training in some way.  Possibly the government making the jostles weaker than they otherwise would have been, just to keep the upper hand.   Additionally the shooters isosceles stance is an obvious illuminati homage.

chappelle-princeKenaz Tactical Group is the plug for jostle on jostle training.


Gat tip: nouno