Kevin De Leon

Aero Precision is quick on their feet, and clever as _ _ _ _:


Remember California State Senator Kevin de Leon’s comments where he coined the stupid term “ghost guns”?  Well Tacoma, Washington’s own Aero Precision is no doubt heading straight to the bank (haaaa ha ha ha ha haaaa ha ha ha ha haaaa) on a daily basis after coming up with the above AR-15 lower receiver.

Everything about that receiver is pure win.  Democrat safe position… .30 caliber clip fire, and /Half Sec auto LOL.  So Operator.

$105 over at Aero Precision.


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California state senator and master troll Kevin de Leon creates a new gun meme:

A ghost gun has the ability with a .30 caliber clip to disperse a 30 magazine clip full of bullets in half a second?  WE ALL WISH.  Coming soon… ENDO 30 magazine clips, free with the purchase of a ENDO Apparel STANDARD 30 t-shirt. ;)

De Leon faces a month-end deadline to advance his SB808, which would require anyone who assembles a homemade firearm to undergo a background check and register the weapon. The bill is intended to extend existing regulations to undetectable guns that can be made using 3-D printers and to anyone who buys parts that can be assembled into a gun.

Ghost-Gun-Kevin-De-LeonSource – The News Observer.

Hat tip: Jake