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I don’t see the problem, since she’s under supervision and is taking safety very seriously.  I saw a thread somewhere though (which I can’t find now), where people were LOSING THEIR MINDS.


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Wow huge plot twist, you guys will never see it coming 🙄🙄🙄:

I understand what they’re getting at… school shootings are definitely happening more frequently.

How long until parents just homeschool their kids and only let them talk to friends on facetime?



hahah this is awesome:

Same guy (Captain Gimli) as the awesome “Train like you fight” video I posted a few days ago.

Good stuff… good stuff.  Thoughts?


When A kid that’s not a teenager shoots a gun, facebook moms get butthurt:

*makes note of special niche market for little kid length of pull stocks* 

Well she’s rocking that thing that’s for sure.

OH… buddy noooooooo…. *CRINGE times several billion* when I heard “What’s the best ammo in the world?” then coaxed her to say the ammo name at the end of the video.  Damn, and and my day was going so well up until that point.

This video comes on the heels of the one I posted last week where a 7 year old girl shot her first deer. At least there wasn’t an obvious shoutout in the video, even though it did look like a REALTREE ad.



Ban assault kids!

Lodi, CA — A Lodi Police SWAT officer had a Glock 35 with a flashlight in his thigh holster at a children’s reading event when a boy managed to pull the trigger and shoot the officer.

Full Story – CBS

1:24 – “We don’t know if it was accidental or intentional”  <— LOL I’d die if that kid was like “Yea, I wanted to shoot the gun and I knew he wouldn’t let me so I pulled the trigger”

1:27 – “Police say since the gun was in a holster to accommodate the attached flashlight, the trigger was more accessible”  – What kind of a garbage drop leg holster has an open trigger area?  I expect more from someone in law enforcement.


I wish there was video footage of the incident so I could overlay CCR – Lodi “OHHHHH lord, shot in Lodi again”

Even though no one got hurt, they need to get to the bottom of the reason for the negligent discharge (negligence on the police officers behalf… not the kid’s) though because it could have been a lot worse.



A 9 year old fellow countryman of Piers’, putting some lead down range:

Posted for no other reason than this kid is 9, British, and getting a taste of America while he’s here on Vacation.  Will he be allowed to tell his friends about the guns he shot when he goes back to school in the fall?  Is it illegal over there yet to talk about guns at school?  I imagine possession of YouTube shooting footage at school is definitely a crime.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffMaybe when Piers reads my blog today he will tweet about how “disgusting it is to see a child shoot the same caliber high capacity ASSAULT WEAPON used to shoot Gabrielle Giffords in the head and kill 32 people at Virgina Tech”.  Yea he’s quite predictable, so I’m pretty much positive those words would be coming out of his mouth verbatim.