Toddler gun rap:

haha good stuff.  Speaking of “the hood”, every now and then when I use the term on Instagram It makes for a hilarious comment section because there’s more of a fly by audience due to the explore page.  Some people who stop by and aren’t familiar, think that trying to flip my caption meaning back on me to shame me is going to make me want to change it or delete the post.  Of course my shooters (you guys who follow me there) annihilate those people in the replies.  I just sit back, refresh and watched it go down. You can’t say anything now without someone wanting to twist it.


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From the “States united to prevent gun violence”:

8 kids dying per day (according to the video) means there are 2920 kids per year which die of “gun violence”.  I attempted to fact check this and came up with a June 2017 article in a pediatrics journal.  Academic journals are normally peer reviewed / fact checked for accuracy so I don’t see why this one would be any different.  Here is what it says:

RESULTS: Nearly 1300 children die and 5790 are treated for gunshot wounds each year.

The shooter playing with a gun was the most common circumstance surrounding unintentional firearm deaths of both younger and older children.

Sorry you shitheads who made the video… 1300 is NOT 2920, and “the shooting playing with a gun” can’t be considered “gun violence” by any stretch of the imagination.  Another anti-gun group (the Brady Campaign) comes up with the number of 4 kids being murdered every day, which is a lot closer to the 1300 per year stat anyways.

I don’t see how embellishing facts or redefining gun violence could possibly help their cause in the long term.



Holy Jesus this is 1 hour and 12 minutes long AND A SCHOOL PROJECT:

Operators: Little Blue, Giggles, Chief, Toshy, Jules, Monster, Mumbles, Blinken, Ralph, Bear, Boo, Monkey,

2:54 – I had no idea it was even legal for 11 year olds to shoot handguns with other kids in Canada, much less draw from a holster while laying on her back.  I know the video description says the dad was present.

4:23 – The tradition in their family on a kid’s 11th birthday is to get everything they need for their new Plate Carrier.  That’s legit.

35:34 – That was “Training” that you just witnessed those kids doing (according to her).

46:45 – Damn their mom must be a saint.  The amount of time I’ve seen mags hit the hardwood floor in this video I can’t even count.  There’s no way that’s not leaving dents. LOL

48:27 – Holy… robots live!  LOL at the gear and the scans too, wow.

So there you have it… if you made it though the whole thing that’s the organized kid militia of Five 56 Concepts out of Canada. Even if you didn’t like the video you have to respect the fact this is a school project haha. Pretty chilled out school, wow. Must be deep in rural Alberta. I can’t imagine any city schools anywhere being totally cool with this.

Honestly I don’t know what the hell I just watched / skipped through.  Just because you have a gun in your hand and are doing anything at all… it doesn’t count as training.  The post-engagement derp scanning was on point haha.  If they are having fun and staying safe I suppose no harm done.  The main girl mentioned at some point in the video about being in some sort of cadets training.

Organized-Kid-Militia-CanadaI probably missed a lot of parts I could have talked about… if anyone has any good ones to add be sure to let me know in the comments.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip:  xPressureDropx




Teamwork is so crucial.  Gotta start them young or else they will be dipshits as adults.

Hat tip: SayUncle


Caption this picture:


Children hold up guns (one with an empty magazine) as Palestinians in Gaza City celebrate the ceasefire with Israel.

Source – Agence France-Presse Twitter.

I don’t follow these conflicts well enough to come up with a witty relevant caption so I’m going with “I want to say Hi to my mom!  Abdullah and I are riding dirty tonight, and I didn’t make my bed!” 

Abdullah be like “THIS. IS. GAZAAAAAAAAAAAAA.”

Caption it.


INGO youth shoot.  It’s FREE EVERYTHING if you’re a kid:

Imagine that… perfectly normal kids having fun shooting guns in a safe environment.  I’m a “Young whippersnapper” by old man standards…. can I get in on this shoot next time? :P

INGO (Indiana Gun Owners) is a cool forum who are very active in the community, and have always supported ENDO right from the beginning.  Those guys will always be good with me.  This video just goes to show how awesome they are.

INGO-Indiana-Gun-Owners-LogoNice to see a good mix of girls there too.  I guess in 2014 I maybe shouldn’t be surprised, but I grew up in a time where girls just weren’t into stuff like that.  Nice to see things have changed.