Kirsten Joy Weiss

I skip this type of video when it’s not Kirsten doing them:

2:14 – OOOf a Sig P238 with engraving and pearl grips?! I just might have to stop watching at this point.  I was almost sure she would pick a Glock 19… but there’s still hope fellas.

3:53 – Ok ok guys… a Hellcat.  She’s going to pick a G19 still I know it… *holds breath*

4:37 – Scandalous move with those laced up pants.  Without even having the means to check, I can already tell you with 100% conviction that some dude turned the dirt kicking part into a gif and posted it on a niche sub reddit.  That’s literally the only guarantee right now we have in life.

Ok ok so she didn’t end up choosing a G19 at all 😩😭.  I guess I’ve always been a “why reinvent the wheel?” kind of guy.  Like, the G19 exists… does the world really need a bunch of knockoffs with different brand names on them and slightly different styling?


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A year of Kirsten:

You can grab Kirsten’s calendar and other merch over at her website if you’re interested.  Her new logo is pretty cool, very wearable.

A dude “Eric K” really tried to tell me on the HotShots calendar post, that he online knew (e-knew?) Kirsten BEFORE I did… I would NOT stand for that obviously 😂, so I asked him for receipts. He said he first became aware of her when she dropped the motorcycle trickshot video… in other words I won and the internet is back in balance.

I hope some year Kirsten puts the MLK at the window with the m1 carbine ‘shop I did of her as a bonus centerfold in her calendar.

Thoughts? . Oh wow just as I was about to close this post out I thought “I wonder if the vid has any comments?” … well fellas, it does… *sigh* it definitely has some comments.  Dudes are so funny.  The joke will be on us though when Kirsten releases an “engagement story” video someday and casually mentions she met the dude she’s marrying through his “you have sparkling eyes, and are adorable” comment.  Shoot your shot kings.


Preach Kirsten, preach on it:

I agree with her.  The way things are currently though, if you don’t like the rules where you live unfortunately the best option seems like moving… whether that be to a safer neighborhood, different state, or maybe even a different country.


<– actual picture of Kirsten protecting her home.


A thousand disgrunteled internet comment trolls are shaking their fist at polite Todd from Minnesota, who broke through to the otherside with his question:

Coincidence that other very successful people such as Jay-z, Beyonce, Warren Buffet, Kayne West and Tom Cruise throw up the same hand sign as Kirsten?  Damn someone else in the YouTube comments already beat me to this discovery, but here’s the pic I made up anyway:


Thoughts?  I think we need to get Alex Jones to yell about this for about 45 minutes and then not get to the bottom of it.

Brett thinking he slick, sliding into the YouTube comments with this:




Shooting snaps in a desert looking landscape… semi-arid maybe?:

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-ShootingOk the video is fun as usual, but wow click through to the comments if you want to see what thirst, rudeness, and white knighting looks like.  I threw in an ironic “m’lady” for good measure.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately; been having a good time traveling and enjoying the summer.  Hope all of your summer’s are going well too.



Kirsten Joy Weiss partying like it’s 1776:

kirsten-m1-carbine-malcolmOne of the few YouTubers I follow who doesn’t do strictly “marketing” videos now.  This video is fun, and it’s real; she always puts a lot of effort in.

That outfit tho!  Like Kirsten said in her email to me, and I quote: “…Women be dressin’ in string bikinis holding guns and I’m over here like “Revolutionary War, black powder smudges & Freedom… and lacy baggy shirts” I regret nothing. :D”

Thoughts?  Do you give this video five fedora-tips out of five?