Kirsten Joy Weiss

Kirsten Joy Weiss breaks it down:

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-ShootingI told my girlfriend that some of you guys were giving me a rough time about not making my Kirsten posts thirsty (funny) like they used to be.  She was like “WHAAAAAAT? Why did you change the way you blog?” etc… and then she insisted I make them thirsty again.  I don’t know… seems like a trap :P and I just wouldn’t feel right blogging the “old way” about her, so I’ll leave the thirst up to you guys in the comments haha.



Kirsten in the lab for easter:

1:28 – I’m thinking this is crazy enough that is just might work. :P

2:31 – Booooo didn’t stop .45 ACP :/, I know 9mm would have bounced off it.

3:04 – Noooo 9mm went through too :/

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-Shooting4:05 – .22 LR gets pwned by the peeps.  Good to know.

4:37 – Fancy AR, fancy optic.  Flex young woman flex.

Well that was fun. Thoughts?


Kirsten puts a Glock in it and gets to work:

cornershot-kittyI’d be rocking the dead cat version (pictured left) if this where to ever fall into my hands… no exceptions.

Israel sure has unique solutions for everything tactical, including the way they train / fight.  Do the Israelis carry this thing around unloaded before they need to use it?  I want to see it with horse stance.  Remember when Kosher Costa did that?  AHHAHA yea, amazing. Are there multiple hits out on me in Israel yet? I’ve made so much fun of their stuff it’s getting out of hand.

It really doesn’t surprise me that this is “in use in the field”, but I hope at least the guys who use it ROFL at it’s ridiculousness every time they decide to go to the tactical van to pull it out.

4:04 – Kirsten “sees the potential for home defense”.  LOL WHUT? Daaaaaaamn girl.. well ok if you say so.

6:50 – “The biggest con is the safety system” – Really?  REALLY?  It’s not the fact that contraption is like 2ft long, bulky, and has electronics and trigger pulling mechanisms etc.. which could potentially malfunction?

Future Weapons did a bit on this rig, make sure to check it out also.

I’m asking for a friend… but will this work underwater, and in deep space?

Is this review paid for, or completely independent?

Thoughts?  Yea it definitely seems functional, but would you be caught dead with this thing?


I didn’t even know this was coming!

Kristen is so modest, she never even mentioned it ever when she emailed me recently.  Yea I gotta always tell you guys that she emails me, I know… if you’re not flexing who your industry contacts are then what’s the point of even having a blog?  I’m sure Kristen tells everyone that she exchanges emails with ENDO occasionally (haha HIGHLY unlikely :P).

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-RifleAs you’d expect from Kirsten the calendar is classy.  This isn’t a “teeheheheh guns are cool” gun-bunny style item littered with bikini shots.  Well ok maybe there’s one semi thirst trap haha, that “pilates” pose shown at 0:08.  I was cringing to think how thirsty the post I did about that video was (It was single Mike), but it actually wasn’t too bad.  I must have been hydrated at the time.

You can head over to her website to pick up a calendar!  She’s donating a portion of the profits to four different charities.  See what I mean, this girl is just so nice.

Thoughts?  You in for one?

P.S. When I come out with an ENDO calendar it’s going to be all me in a banana hammock, oiled up, making direct eye contact. No OPSEC pixels. 12 months, with 6 bonus pictures + a centerfold accordion thing for your wall… all thirst traps.


Class is in session with Kirsten:

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-RifleI’ve seen guys wrap their eye around a scope like they are using binoculars haha.  I haven’t had scope bite, but I’ve shot with a couple guys who got a nice eyebrow slice from a .30-06.  I actually had the scope hit the brim of my hat once, and that kind of stunned me for a sec because it transferred the energy to my head like a newb.  I know what you’re thinking; 1/10 ENDO.  I’d hate to see what a .50 BMG could do… a person would probably get a concussion.

Thoughts?  Do you have a scope bite scar / memory?  If you’ve ever gave your girlfriend a higher caliber rifle to shoot and didn’t show her how to properly do it and she got a scope bite, leave a comment so we can call you an asshole haha.


Kirsten Joy Weiss puts .22 LR to pumpkin:

Good call on her recognizing that the back is where the best “look” of the carving will come from.  I’ve seen so many YouTube videos where people just pepper the front and it doesn’t look like much, and the back is all blown out.

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-Pumpkin-Carving3:14 – Quotable – “We gotta loaaaaaad morrrrrrrre magazinaaaaaays”.  Download the autotune ringtone on iTunes now for $2.99 + shipping and handling.

To me, Kirsten is another subscriber count phenomenon (51.5k) like Carnik Con (87k).  Carnik Con had so much less when Dugan quit making videos *quietly pours out liquor*.  Although obviously different, both have way less subscribers than I figure they should have for the quality of videos they put out.  I have zero doubt in my mind that if Kirsten “sold out” in the typical female online sense, or even started making trolling videos like 200k Mattv2099 she would be at millions of subs in no time.  That’s how you know Kirsten is cool though… she just does this for the sport and won’t bend her morals.  What good are subscribers if you sold your soul and have to wear a bikini and hawk the tactical equivalent of skinny teas and protein shakes right?