Kirsten Weiss

I skip this type of video when it’s not Kirsten doing them:

2:14 – OOOf a Sig P238 with engraving and pearl grips?! I just might have to stop watching at this point.  I was almost sure she would pick a Glock 19… but there’s still hope fellas.

3:53 – Ok ok guys… a Hellcat.  She’s going to pick a G19 still I know it… *holds breath*

4:37 – Scandalous move with those laced up pants.  Without even having the means to check, I can already tell you with 100% conviction that some dude turned the dirt kicking part into a gif and posted it on a niche sub reddit.  That’s literally the only guarantee right now we have in life.

Ok ok so she didn’t end up choosing a G19 at all 😩😭.  I guess I’ve always been a “why reinvent the wheel?” kind of guy.  Like, the G19 exists… does the world really need a bunch of knockoffs with different brand names on them and slightly different styling?


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This just was brought to my attention:

Oh man the comments… a healthy mix of m’lady types, white knights, thirst lords, and amateur comedians.  I can’t imagine how many awkward pictures, and comments she must have to endure while at SHOT show.  That said, she comes across as genuinely nice person so I’m sure the experience is great for everyone.

Edit: Oh I see the video came out Dec 20th.  Oh well, it was still the newest video up on her channel.


Gat tip: Jeremy


Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-RifleShe talks about how much she loves shooting, and her fans.  You can always count on Kirsten to be classy.  She takes the internet trolling and thirsty comments like a champ always too.  A lot of YouTubers could learn a thing or two from her.



Dibs on the patent for peep uparmor in vehicles:

If I lived in the hood, I wouldn’t be blogging for you guys right now I’d be packing my car door panels and house walls with Peeps.  Those glorious sugary bastards could safe your life.

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingKirsten emailed me tonight to say whats up.  I said to her the best part of her videos is how much fun she has doing them.  We can’t see the shots a lot of the time, but we see the final product and her enthusiasm.  Additionally I mentioned to her that I think slow motion footage from my e-bro Richard Ryan would be sick combined with her skills.

Thoughts?  Buying peeps for protection ASAP?


KJW goes into beast mode and engages an RC monster truck from the top of some type of shady looking berm. Then shit gets REAL:

1:12 – Kirsten is so good she actually meant to fuck that wheel up on shot #1.  That wasn’t a mistake oh no sir.

1:18 – Standard warning shot.  She did the wheel dirty on shot #1 and let them know that the next shot would be a kill shot.

1:24 – DONE.  The driver is dead.  Shot #4 was for the gunman in the front seat.

I feel like that RC car could have had a jar of binary explosives in it to spice that segment up a bit.


2:03 – Kirsten really has no love for RC vehicles today.  There goes a couple hundred dollars worth in under 2 minutes.

2:28 – Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit… a real CHOPPAH!  Shoot the tail rotor Kirsten, I hear that’s what works!  Oh wait, it’s a friendly I guess.

Kirsten-Weiss-Shooting3:13 – Those fools from the East side that were slippin got what they deserved.

Damn she really stepped her game up on this video.  I was getting bored of those standard trick shot vids where we couldn’t even see the hits.



Keeps the grape juice at home, because she’s privileged like that:

Traded in that fancy Anschütz for a Saiga-12 I see!

Grape drink is not the same formula (0:41):

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingNo vitamins in that shit. Sugar, water, purple.

I probably mentioned I saw Chappelle a month or so ago on tour… it was priceless, I can’t wait until the DVD comes out.