Kirsten Weiss

I saw the vid still for this and was like “OH LAWD… you crazy for this one Kirsten Weiss“:

Similar in sport to her Yoga pose shot. Is Yoga even a sport? Meh, I already don’t care… Google isn’t an option because I’ve had potato chip dust on my one free hand for the past 10 minutes, holding it out away from my keyboard like an idiot rather than just going to the sink and washing it off. God, no wonder I’m still single.

I demand equal treatment for male shooters… this hobby is so sexist.  If any of the guy youtubers were to do a shot like this you’d never hear the end of “UNSUBBED bro”.  Mattv2099, you need to do a Kirsten Weiss parody vid LOL.

Kirsten-Weiss-Dat-AnschutzDo your thang Kirsten.  Keep tripling up those subscribers.  I still would like to see you transition into higher caliber rifles though.



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Kirsten Weiss shoots balloons from a yoga pose:

Kirsten-Weiss-Dat-AnschutzIn related news, her subscriber count just doubled haha I kid (but it did probably did increase).

I can’t tell how far that is… any guesses? 50 yards?

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


Because her single skittle trick shot didn’t troll hard enough:

Kirsten talks shit about Skittlees not being ROYGBIV as _ _ _ _  like they should be, then proceeds to execute them one by one somewhere in the desert.  Looks almost like where ASAC Schrader was buried… watch how I am about about to shoehorn a rap reference into this post in 3…2…1:



haha of course comment number one on Kirsten’s video was No one to get the ammo out and hand it to you?  I will take that job. lol -TubeYou” YouTube comments rarely disappoint.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  I’d like to see how surgical Kirsten is with something more powerful like an AR-15.


Too soon?  Nah. Kirsten says bring it on.


Yea Kirsten is going to say this wasn’t a Trayvon related trick shot.  Sure Kirsten.. whatevs *wink wink*

Next up, an Arizona watermelon iced tea shot?  Actually I have a better idea.  Wear a hoodie, shoot the skittle off the eraser and make it fly into a double styrofoam cup, then above that cup have codeine cough syrup and the Arizona iced tea which you put one shot each to drain them.  BOOM!  LEAN TRICK SHOT.  Oh… and you need to bump DJ Screw for the background music.



My e-girlfriend Kirsten Weiss is back at it.  This time shooting an eraser off a pencil:

Fancy.  That Anschütz rifle she runs is pretty crazy looking. It’s tough to tell how far away she took the shots from… 12 small steps, so I don’t know… like 8 yards? I wonder how that compares to the stuff 22Plinkser does?


If you missed her first trick shot video where she shot balloons off the back of a street bike check it out.

I think she needs some ENDO t-shirts for future vids.



My e-girlfriend K-Dub (that’s what I call her) has a youtube channel now:

When I watched the above video, I was kind of wondering why she would upload something where she took multiple shots at each target.  Like, damn K-Dub aren’t you supposed to be a Tier -7 sniper?  The number of medals you’ve earned for shooting is more than the number of times I’ve asked myself “Will I be alone forever?” in the last hour… and that’s a lot.

Kirsten emailed me and said “Trolls be trollin'” (her exact words) so she uploaded this new video (see below) where she cracked all three balloon heads with one shot each.  Yea Kirsten and I are cool like that with the email communication, whatever though no biggie.  Don’t act surprised when we’re instagramming selfies together from a Bellagio penthouse suite hot tub next SHOT show.

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingIrrational jealousy aside, WHO IS THAT GUY WITH THE BIKE KIRSTEN?!  I thought we were e-exclusive?  Why do you gotta play with my emotions like this boo?

You can subscribe to Kirsten’s youtube channel here.