A CQB drill for G’s who want to spice up fantasy attack scenarios with throat slitting:

His mom is filming this one, so he wanted to make her extra proud (McDonalds Fries after training for her little ‘ton ‘ton):

You might be on your knees straddling the attacker, and want to mix things up with a stab. Train for it:

Accessing that big blade, in this “Starwars kid” style video:

Fancy “West Side Story” style footwork in this last one:

Anton Beukes is the guy in the videos. It’s obviously cooler to stab at least one attacker, than boringly / predictably shoot all them.

Pistol-Knife-TrainingIt’s always risky talking about a post like this one, I saw on TFB which Nicholas wrote, because there’s a good chance it was lifted off this blog from a post I did days, months, even years earlier.  This particular video has a Dec 28, 2014 date on it though so I’m assuming unless someone re-upped it it’s new… and I don’t recognize it.  I got so many emails about that guy a while back, where people were like “wtf?”.  It has tapered off now quite a bit, but I still do get the occasional person ask what’s going on.

Thoughts?  Would incorporate into your training? Would bet on these vids disappearing?


Do you have a picatinny mounted knife on your rifle?  This guy does:

Yea not only does he have said knife on his forend, but he also double taps for the kill THEN makes sure the intended target is extra dead by throwing the knife at them.  If that’s not Tier -23 I don’t know what is.  He even comes correct with the double slash stab maneuver at the end.  Might want to scope and reddot that knife though for better accuracy.

The sheer variety of camouflages he sports in the video render him basically invisible, it’s breathtaking.

AR15-Picatinny-Rail-Mount-KnifeI wonder if he knows about the picatinny rail mounted axe blades that are available?  Seems like that would be right up his alley.  Even the handgun magazine mounted knife would be a good addition to kit.

$170 over at TopsKnives might seem like a lot when you have rent to pay and baby mommas to send money to, but you have to ask yourself “Can I really afford not to have a knife on my rifle?”


Hat tip: Callum


Freddiew and his bros with a knife tricks vid:

Looks-Shopped-Tell-By-PixelsNot bad… not bad… the physics were a bit off though so I could tell that it was shopped.

Telling kids not to try something at home basically guarantees they will try it at home.


Tactical Tunes finally releases this song / video … a year in the making:

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsGood stuff.  KA-BAR makes a great product.

ABsuperman is the hunter / epic beard in the video.

Holy TTunes’ little guy is getting big! He will be running and gunning in no time.


This raises the bar for DERP… Impressive this early into 2014:

The MBX is an innovative system (patent pending) that allows the operator to deploy various tools for combat or utility more efficiently than ever. In non-combat scenarios, other proprietary attachments (i.e. glassbreaker / seatbelt cutter) can be deployed using the magazine as a handle without the sidearm.

Seriously?  Yea we’ve seen gun mounted knives before… but not like this.

0:06 – “When seconds mean lives, do you really want to compromise control of your sidearm to reach for a knife” – I see that sentiment and raise you “Do you really want to manipulate a knife attached to the baseplate of your handgun’s magazine?”

0:09 – Super serious demo begins here.

0:12 – Oh shit, he just brought his hand back and clipped the knife in somehow?  I bet that’s patented!  Nothing that cool and effective isn’t patented! *eye roll*


0:32 – LOLOLOL for real.

0:40 – Sweet workspace manipulations brAH.  That door frame is DONE. SON.

0:46 – Super realistic demo.

0:50 – See how easy it is to remove and put back on?  SEE!? SEEEEEEE?!

1:15 – Oh thank god they are coming out with a picatinny rail version!  I was looking for someplace unobtrusive to mount my 12-42x Nightforce scope and rape whistle.

Handgun-Magazine-Mounted-Bayonet-Knifehaha something tells me those other platforms wont ever get their mag bayonets.

Oh shit now I really wish I was going to SHOT!  Booth #32411 bitches! Lots more info and pictures on the Manly Innovations website.


Hat tip: Tim


Crazy slingshot guy Joerg Sprave delivers a silent CQB solution:

I love how Joerg straight sons everyone that’s ever been in the slingshot game, with creations such as this.

Joerg-SpraveIn the video description he mentions that his M16 is deactivated in order for it to be legal for him to own.  It makes me sad that a rifle that awesome is rendered useless.

Damn, those watermelon shots always hit home showing how deadly the slingshots he makes are.

Thoughts? Anyone ever operated in an operation with anything similar?