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It’s not April 1st… this video was posted on September 30th.  Beer coolers?  Like… I guess that’s cool?  When I asked for innovation in the gun industry, I wasn’t expecting former industry LeAdErS to pivot to beer coolers.

I never really understood the whole LUXURY COOLER movement.  I guess like anything it was driven mainly by marketing.  As usual I didn’t buy into it, and got a Ozark Trail soft cooler from Walmart a few years ago when I needed a new one.  Shocker of the century, but it’s still functioning perfectly fine doing the hard work of keeping the road LaCroix and SpinDrifts cold.

The 6 pack Knights Armament cooler is $50 and the 12 pack one is $110 over on their website.  I actually thought they would fleece the tactibois for like triple that… the current price is very reasonable.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Kind of a cool video for a gun I’ll (probably) never own:

I’m not used to seeing advertising of any type form KAC.  I didn’t think they cared if plebe civilians such as myself ever saw any of their guns or accessories.

If you care about the specs of the gun, you can check them out on the KAC website.

It’s funny how any gun videos mentioning or talking about Eugene Stoner, have the recommended videos section full of marijuana related videos.  Gotta fix that machine learning Google bros.




haha nice.  I like when companies have a sense of humor.

Has KAC came out with anything revolutionary lately?  I remember when all the fanboys worth their weight in operational credit NEEDED Knight’s Armament branded products.


Enter the Knights Armament Company SR-25 Magazine Flask:



$57.50 over at KACgear, and you get that slick pouch with it as well.  Make sure you decide how many of these you need on your tactical drinking load-out based on a simple formula using your tolerance for alcohol, and the level of good of times you want to have.