It’s lit:

LOL I lost it at the first ūüó£ūü駔There’s a place called Kosovo…” ūüé∂.¬† Certified autumn banger.. I’d add this to my Spotify if it was available.

It’s a parody of Beach Boys – Kokomo, for any of my teen readers.¬† Do teens even know what blogs are?¬† Judging by all the “Dude, how do I buy one of your Auto glock selector switches?” emails I get, they seemingly don’t understand blogs / don’t have time for reading a couple paragraphs.¬† I’m not even going to click on the link in that post again, because last time I did I saw Blackhawk helicopters and white vans for days.


Gat tip: Carl

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Like the Coolio song goes… ain’t no party like a Kosovo party, cause a Kosovo party don’t stop:

I seriously hope all of those guys are drunk , which would account for the¬†impaired¬†judgement. I don’t know how else you could 30+ guys together in one place that all think it’s perfectly acceptable to lick off rounds randomly into the air right next to other people. ¬†I’m actually¬†surprised¬†none of them committed suicide to escape that terrible music.

I hope some girls come to future parties and talk them out of retarded crap like that. But if they don’t i’ll just have more footage for the “Cheating Death At Sausage Fests” DVD I am putting together.