Krav Maga Institute

Tactical Handgun Operation. A lot of drop-leg holsters and single knee-pads on these operational operators:

0:00 – Check if everyone’s weapon is unloaded before throwing all caution to the wind.

0:29 – Sunglasses go on… shit is about to get real.

1:00 – Wait… he’s not pointing his gun at the students and pulling the trigger is he?  Oh… YUP… Yes he is. *facepalm*

1:10 – Tells all his students to do the same thing back at him while he walks in front of as many muzzles as possible.

4:00 – Pivot or die.

5:45 – Those pivots and shuffles tho.  AAHAHHAHA

Derp-Tactical-Handgun-OperationDefinitely some good info in this video later on, and most of it does conform to the classic school of thought surprisingly.

Was this a special class for low speed high drag old guys trying to get a break from their wives?

<-- This picture sums the video up beautifully. Thoughts?  Would operate with? Hat tip: no uno