krispy kreme

The baddest rapper of them all gets owned:

hahha that would have been unexpected.  My first thought would have been it was a real gun too, although I’m smart enough to check it before I pull the trigger on something I am handed.

Yes blanks have and will kill people, but it seemed to work out alright in this case since he actually shot toward the corner where they planned.  The problem lies where you try to “prank” someone with something like this and they mess around and put the empty “airsoft” gun to their head as a joke and pull the trigger.


Hat tip: Kearney


The hardest rapper the internet has seen, since the guys that did gunshots on the beat:

A notable similarity is that “gunshots on the beat” and this were both filmed in basements.   At 273k views for this video and 478k views for gunshots on the beat…note to self about basement rap success possibility.  The Red Ryder BB Gun and handgun are obviously a huge part of what make the song hard.  Other rappers and haters just don’t like taking chances messing with guys that have air powered weaponry.  It’s just not worth the risk.

Everything from the snotty nose, to the geeky kid that doesn’t say anything.. this video is clutch.

Some killer lines too “I could beat you up / if you had 1000 knives / even if you have infinity knives / i’d punch you up into the air like a kite


Hat tip: Dan L.