Says Moms demand common sense:

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logoOh wait, that was Moms Demand Action, and they want Kroger to ban guns (still).  Guess what?  Kroger still doesn’t give a shit what Shannon Watts A.K.A. “5000 Bitch-a-Watts” wants.  If the law in the states Kroger is in says carry is legal, then Kroger has been allowing it.  What an interesting concept… to just follow the laws rather than trying to make your own.  If Bloomberg didn’t have basically unlimited play money to throw at this cause I’d think MDA eventually backing down from Kroger was a victory for the pro-gun camp.   They will just go after weaker more easily pressured businesses and chains with their schoolyard bully tactics.



Everybody freak out because a supermarket chain abides by a law which some people don’t like:




Here is their plea: “Please keep your employees, customers, and their families safe from the threat of gun violence by prohibiting people from openly carrying weapons in your stores.”

Good call moms, so many lives lost to gun violence by average law abiding citizens every day in supermarkets… it’s just lucky / convenient they sell towels and cleaning supplies to get rid of all the blood and guts.

Yawn.  I have no idea why some of these companies listen to them, but what their doing occasionally seems to work.  People who support the agenda of Mom’s Demand Action just can’t distinguish “law abiding gun owner” from “criminal”, nor do they even try. The GUN is what kills people, PERIOD.  Police of course get a “pass” with the moms because as we all know, police get 1000+ hours of training every year making them so skilled they can shoot the gun out of a criminal’s hand, without hurting the poor criminal. *eye roll*

I love how their argument is “Kroger doesn’t allow shirtless men, skateboarding, and outside food in their stores!  Why do they allow the carry of firearms?”.  Yea watertight analogy right there… those things are all basically identical in importance to staying breathing in case someone wants to kill you.

If you want to yank your hair out with frustration, make sure you head over to the post about this Kroger bullshit on the Mom’s Demand Action facebook page.  I really don’t know how people who are so afraid, actually manage to live functional lives.  Also, It must be exhausting keeping an internal list of places to boycott;  I know lots of pro-gun people do that as well though.