This guy calls himself “AntKing”:

Wooden-Man-AntKingCool stuff LOL.  Reminds me of those Kung-Fu movies where the bad guys would do all this crazy stuff as the good guy just stands there… then when the bad guy is done the good guy gives one solid move and it’s over.

AntKing has no other videos, and he seems really serious about this one.  It’s tough to say though… is he serious, or does he just have a good sense of humor about himself?  Who knows.  The video gets really repetitive, but still entertaining.

If I could caption this video, the caption would be – *read ENDO once.*

It’s not all fun and games with guns here at ENDO… Force vectors are serious business.  I feel like I need to broaden some of your horizons from time to time.

Gat tip: Anon


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Firearms for self defense? HA… not needed if you have these skills:

I was especially impressed with the part starting at 1:14 where they were putting holes in paper.

I predict James Yeager is going to start up Slaptical Defense, a tactical slap school where they teach this skill and put a photographer between the slapper and the receiver during all training exercises.  Classes will start at $450, and you’ll get a Slaptical Operator certificate when you complete all 10 courses.



I was hoping it was airsoft after I saw him sweep his head at around 30 seconds. Nope.. not airsoft.  It blows my mind that people that stupid are alive.

It’s a miracle he didn’t kill the camera operator too.

*UPDATE: Colin from the comments has evidence that these are blank guns. I’ll keep the vid up anyway, just because it’s ridiculous.