Knife guys…

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BRUTHER… 😏😏😏 📹@blackbearcustomkydex via @47images

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A gun guy WOULD NEVER 😭😂.

Black Bear Custom Kydex is the guy to go to if you need a rotate-y-boi like this for yourself. Maybe he would even make one for your 1911? You could clap twice to release a hinge mechanism, and the weight of the gun would drop it right next to your cane handle.



Early model in some kydex:

Draco season 🍂. Pull up 🚗💨💨💨 with something vintage. 📷@nsrtactical via @lord_adamar

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hahah imagine…


Blah blah blah Bravo Concealment can do magic with kydex like no other:

But then….


LOL who is “Nadia Brown Hole” and what is “Sack Company”, some sort of military unit?  I was honestly terrified to google that.  Whoever this Nadia Brown Hole ladyboy who Instructor Zero likes, I couldn’t find his Instagram or anything. Does he work for Bravo Concealment? Can I get an interview with him? How did he get the moniker? Wait.. scratch that last one I don’t want to know.

Making Instructor Zero parody trolling accounts on social media would be a full time job, if one were inclined to do so.

Thoughts?  Anyone else amped for future Nadia Brown Hole appearances?  I bet he can shoot like hell if Zero rolls with him.


I still have no idea what this guy ever says:

Instructor Zero gets real operational with this… we all know how important high-speed-no-look re-holstering is too *eye roll*.  I love how he’s turning into a Costa-esque shill for anyone who will throw money and/or free gear at him.

This video is especially funny because it tries to be all “Here are the steps you should take to get used to a holster” *BRAVO CONCEALMENT* *BRAVO CONCEALMENT*… oh did I mention Bravo Concealment?  Definitely some decent info in the video besides the obvious product placement and pushes.

This is priceless, from the end of the video:

In the final installment of the 3 part seriesInstructor Zero will give his final verdict on Bravo Concealment holsters.

Instructor-ZeroLOL holy a 3 part series?  His “final verdict”…. uhhh spoiler alert he’ll say you should choose Bravo Concealment.  

As far as the subtitles go, this video isn’t that funny… something mildly funny about a pregnant wife at 2:11, and having a “first baby together” was the best guess translation of some Zero language at 2:23 haha.



PHLster delivers with another Star Wars nerd kydex gem:

Han-Solo-Blaster-Kydex-Glock-HolsterSuch great work.  Unfortunately for those of you who want one, it’s a one of one.  However, it’s currently being auctioned off on ebay, with 25% of the final sale price being donated to the MARSOC Foundation.  Just remember it only fits the G19/G23 compact model Glocks.

Those of you might remember PHLster from the Star Wars Yoda Kydex Holster I posted a while back.

Now that I see this… the possibilities for troll kydex holsters are endless. I’m thinking next up a Glock blunderbuss holster!



A clever response to the Boba fett holster I posted about:



Cooked up by PHLster out of Philidelphia. Awesome work… I’m sure the orders from people wanting their own are piling up. Make sure to check them out if you’re in in the market for a holster. They have some great Kydex holster tutorials on their YouTube page too, if you’re looking to get into making your own.

Thoughts?  Personally I’m holding out for the Jar Jar Binks holster.  He’s my favorite character EVER! (said no one ever).