This is epic:

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🧱… 👀 @shots_and_shutters holster from @eclipseholsters

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Definitely a cool idea surrounding that meme haha.

Eclipse Holsters made it, if you’re interested.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Knife guys…

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BRUTHER… 😏😏😏 📹@blackbearcustomkydex via @47images

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A gun guy WOULD NEVER 😭😂.

Black Bear Custom Kydex is the guy to go to if you need a rotate-y-boi like this for yourself. Maybe he would even make one for your 1911? You could clap twice to release a hinge mechanism, and the weight of the gun would drop it right next to your cane handle.



Early model in some kydex:

Draco season 🍂. Pull up 🚗💨💨💨 with something vintage. 📷@nsrtactical via @lord_adamar

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hahah imagine…


Blah blah blah Bravo Concealment can do magic with kydex like no other:

But then….


LOL who is “Nadia Brown Hole” and what is “Sack Company”, some sort of military unit?  I was honestly terrified to google that.  Whoever this Nadia Brown Hole ladyboy who Instructor Zero likes, I couldn’t find his Instagram or anything. Does he work for Bravo Concealment? Can I get an interview with him? How did he get the moniker? Wait.. scratch that last one I don’t want to know.

Making Instructor Zero parody trolling accounts on social media would be a full time job, if one were inclined to do so.

Thoughts?  Anyone else amped for future Nadia Brown Hole appearances?  I bet he can shoot like hell if Zero rolls with him.


I still have no idea what this guy ever says:

Instructor Zero gets real operational with this… we all know how important high-speed-no-look re-holstering is too *eye roll*.  I love how he’s turning into a Costa-esque shill for anyone who will throw money and/or free gear at him.

This video is especially funny because it tries to be all “Here are the steps you should take to get used to a holster” *BRAVO CONCEALMENT* *BRAVO CONCEALMENT*… oh did I mention Bravo Concealment?  Definitely some decent info in the video besides the obvious product placement and pushes.

This is priceless, from the end of the video:

In the final installment of the 3 part seriesInstructor Zero will give his final verdict on Bravo Concealment holsters.

Instructor-ZeroLOL holy a 3 part series?  His “final verdict”…. uhhh spoiler alert he’ll say you should choose Bravo Concealment.  

As far as the subtitles go, this video isn’t that funny… something mildly funny about a pregnant wife at 2:11, and having a “first baby together” was the best guess translation of some Zero language at 2:23 haha.



PHLster delivers with another Star Wars nerd kydex gem:

Han-Solo-Blaster-Kydex-Glock-HolsterSuch great work.  Unfortunately for those of you who want one, it’s a one of one.  However, it’s currently being auctioned off on ebay, with 25% of the final sale price being donated to the MARSOC Foundation.  Just remember it only fits the G19/G23 compact model Glocks.

Those of you might remember PHLster from the Star Wars Yoda Kydex Holster I posted a while back.

Now that I see this… the possibilities for troll kydex holsters are endless. I’m thinking next up a Glock blunderbuss holster!