A clever response to the Boba fett holster I posted about:



Cooked up by PHLster out of Philidelphia. Awesome work… I’m sure the orders from people wanting their own are piling up. Make sure to check them out if you’re in in the market for a holster. They have some great Kydex holster tutorials on their YouTube page too, if you’re looking to get into making your own.

Thoughts?  Personally I’m holding out for the Jar Jar Binks holster.  He’s my favorite character EVER! (said no one ever).


An awesome custom creation by OTG Holsters:


If you know Star Wars you should recognize that as Boba Fett’s helmet.  The holster was custom made for shooter and Star Wars nerd Nikki Raye‘s Glock.

As a proof of concept I like the idea a lot!  Nice to see company’s taking on fun custom jobs like this.



Jesse Ingall shows us how to do it if we can’t carry a firearm:


Remember when Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri suggesting fighting active shooters with ballpoint pens?  Studies show that rapists are incredibly afraid of whistles too… so I see this setup being 100% effective in stopping a threat.


In use picture of the IWB setup as you can see.  Scary that he could just pull his shirt overtop and no one would ever know he had an assault pen and high decible assault whistle underneath.

Source – Ideas, Thoughts And Happenings



Kydex lens cap holder:


Linoge from Walls Of The City gets his DIY on like a villain.  I like the idea, and it could also double as a Kydex Condom Holster when you put the camera down from professionally photographing hot babes all day.  Go throw some money at his Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) fundraiser / giveaway if you’re feeling charitable and want to win some cool stuff!  I tossed a couple shirts in the mix for that.

I can’t take credit for the clever post title… I lifted it from a good rap track Evidence – It Wasn’t Me, give it a listen!



A holster idea a one-product Spanish company thinks is so innovative, they named their company Eureka:


Let me just put it out there that I see absolutely no reason for anyone to carry a modern handgun without one in the chamber.

+1 for the good looking Spanish product rep / police officer, even though she obviously shoots like a total newb judging by the video.

-1 for the lame motorcycle drive-by shooting

This video gives you a better look at how the holster operates with different brands of handguns:

  • 2:04 – Oh LAWD.. did he just eject a live round with his entire hand in front of the barrel?  I sure hope that was a snap cap or an inert round; bad practice though either way.
  • 2:45 – Again… Sure doesn’t look like a snap cap.  Only hope now is an inert round.
  • 3:12 – Primer missing… I can rest easy.  (hahah I was actually going to delete these last 3 lines once I saw this, but I figured one of you guys would freak out in the comments too)

You might remember that the Russians have a similar holster for their Makarov pistols (Because the spetsnaz are obviously also so damn high-speed).  Theirs though you can push the gun straight through, unlike this Spanish one where you have to push down to load the firearm, then yank back up on it to get it out of the holster.  My guess is the “innovation” in this Spanish one which they think is patentable is that aspect alone.

In addition, what an absolutely excruciating logo they have (pictured right). LOL a glowing brain inside a globe, with blue lightening coming out of it.  ROFL I couldn’t even make stuff like that up.  I think I threw up a bit in my mouth.

Head over to Eureka’s website for the more pictures and info.



First a demo by YouTube tacticouple Cory & Erika:

Known as the FMS Magazine Pouch.  WTF does FMS mean you ask?  Well kind sir, Bravo Concealment decided it would be cool to bring shame to the sanctity of acronyms by making FMS – FPS Russia Mag-dump System.  *smh*  Sure FPS Russia pimps their products to his tween crowd on the regular, but I don’t think the full grown operator demographic that is spending $135 on this holster are going to be impressed by the fake Russian branding.

I’ve worked with Kydex, and it’s not rocket science.  40-45 calendar days (stated on the website) to ship an order seems excessive.  I’ve heard it has been like that for quite a while with Bravo Concealment, and I fail to understand why companies like this don’t evolve and do something to fix their efficiency problems.  In a market where a majority of purchases would be made on impulse I think they are really shitting the bed.  How many of you ever have said “Damn I need a holster… not now, but in a month and a half”?  

Thoughts?  Are you anticipating a need for one of these double rifle / double pistol holsters in a month and a half?