Or if you’re not Asian, this will buy you mad Asian street cred:

Sent in by 17 year old blog reader Brandon, who says his holster is used by.. and I quote “operators in operations in China”.

If I showed up for sushi with that holster on, bricks would be shit. haha

You can check out more of Brandon’s kydex wizardry over at his facebook page Vanguard Armament.



A high speed low drag contraceptive carrier:

Known as D.I.C.K. (Dynamic Intervention Contraceptive Karrier).  Yea that “K” is a stretch.

As manly operators we have to carry a handful of condoms in our pockets, because lets face it when it jumps off with the ladies the primary concern is to control the birth.  In hindsight pocket carry is so pedestrian; I can’t believe I never thought of this tactical solution.  My only complaint is that they don’t have a spring loaded high condom capacity magazine style holster to accommodate my needs.  I’m open to receiving one for T&E if such a design is in the works.

Available at OffTheGridConcepts in multiple colors for $20



For taking it with you when your mom tells you the snacks are ready:

What’s worse then hitting pause, setting your controller down and having someone mess up what you had going?  Nothing.

For sale over at G-Code holsters for only $15.95.

If you want to keep it retro at the same time you can strap the Nintendo Zapper Gun Kydex Holster to your opposite hip.  Note that I am not responsible when girls decide to throw themselves at you, if you decide to go this route.



Great for sporting events and chill tactical office environments:

You can pick one up from Chris D’Adamo on Etsy for $45.  It even comes with a flask… how thoughtful.

I suggest you practice your draw and re-holster though before you take this out in public.  Alcohol abuse is a crime, you don’t want to spill any if you can help it.

I’m looking forward to the shoulder, ankle, and gun show holster versions.  A person could distribute a whole 40 oz. that way and it would be fun all around.


Hat tip: Drew


I feel sorry for kids too young to have ever played duck hunt:

Source – AF275

What a great looking holster.  No surprise that he scored perfect on the test runs. :)

Hat tip: Dnine