Kyle Rittenhouse

ME: *Meh + yawn + biigggg stretch*:

If you click through to read the comments on Twitter, I have to warn you they are reaching Facebook levels of cringe.

This kid seems to be successfully doing what that bozo George Zimmerman attempted to do.. which is turn himself into a celebrity.  I’m not sure how that’s turning out financially, but I’m sure he has billions of hardcore sheepdog style supporters worldwide.  Regardless of the fact I don’t personally like the cut of this kid’s jib (based mostly off my gut feeling), I will sympathize that the rough thing about the justice system is that even though he was acquitted of all major charges his life is totally ruined.  Shitty to say the least.

Naturally he partnered with an online game studio to promote a game where you “Play as Kyle Rittenhouse to destroy fake news turkeys in a simple point n’ shoot game for all ages to enjoy!”.  YIKES, that’s turbo cringe.  There’s even a “fake news turkey shoot” rap song at 0:50.

Damn I wish app sales numbers were public.  How many people are spending the $10 for this game?  I need to know haha.

It’s only a matter of time before Rittenhouse BBQ sauce, and tactical self defense tool which doubles as a pie fork get released.


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This goes exactly how you’d assume.  These guys definitely watched some Ryan’s World unboxing vids with their kids and were like “PuHLEEEEZE Chief can we do one and put it up on the YouTube?” haha

Not guilty on all counts, but he doesn’t get all his property back?  Judging by what the one officer says at 1:25, I guess Kyle’s lawyer agreed to it.  I’m assuming the prosecution specifically requested it, as if it would make a profound statement to have it destroyed, and Kyle and his lawyer were probably like “sure whatever bro, you can have it 🙄”.

2:42 – hah they stuck a Ninja Turtles Shredder picture on their gun shredder.

My bets now are that Kyle has the pieces, and some cringe NFT bros are pitching a project to him.  Said project will no doubt make 7 figures on mint day, because that’s how things like this work in 2022.