These guys know how to make a teaser video relevant to my interests:

Mountains, cloudy full moons, avalanches, machining footage, 3D models, precision machine tweaks, majestic landscapes, oscilloscopes, circuit boards, cool looking optics with cables running in and out of them, and last but not least a Wacom Cintiq pen display.  Let me speak on the pen display for a sec… if you haven’t seen or played with that model of Wacom they are incredible.  I’m not even artistic in a traditional sense, but i feel that the Cintiq would have me churning out gallery ready t-shirt artwork on the reg.  That’s how I’ll probably end up justifying the purchase of one of those sometime in the future anyway… then I’ll get pissed off it doesn’t make my stick-figure-esque drawings look any better and will collect tears and dust beside my computers.

Oh yea and after all that they make a boutique rifle that will drop tangos at 1000+ yards as long as you’ve got the cake (starting at around $17,000) for such a thing. Oh Shit, hold the phone… 1:09 it says they are looking to challenge themselves to “3000 plus yards”. Insane… that’s 1.7 miles! Pretty soon Americans will be able to go on African Safaris with TrackingPoint rifles without ever leaving the US… the bullet will travel across the ocean and find that warthog with an attitude you dialed up on the internet, and you’ll have it to your door or favorite taxidermist via FedEx international before the body even cools.


You can follow what TrackingPoint is chef’ing in the lab at their Labs Website.