Richard Ryan balls so hard *pause*:

LOL when I saw the thumbnail I was like *smh* only Richard Ryan would be able to get his hands on a 20mm and shoot a 1000+ computer.

Damn the skis on that thing are awesome.  Someone should do a video where they engage targets while on a luge or something.  I always love seen the comparison of .50 BMG to 20mm… hilarious.  ahahha that magazine too.  The fact it top loads is so lux as well.

I wonder if that’s Richard’s personal iMac that we see in some of his home office vids?  Maybe he upgraded to dual 27″s like me? *not so subtle flex*

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-CaliforniaSweet LAWD the slowmo is amazing.  That projectile is so ridiculous.

Richard is wearing the brown California No Right To Bear Arms shirt from ENDO Apparel.  Damn love that shirt in brown.