Yessss…. another opportunity for an “It’s Lit” joke:


Good stuff.  This pic is from the Facebook page of firearms photographer Oleg Volk.  He says the pic is from the desk of George Kellgren, the designer of the KSG.  Pumping the shotgun turns the lamp on and off.

Alright guys, put your best Kel-Tec jokes in the comments… don’t disappoint me. :P

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Meh… I’m sure some of you guys will like it, but I can’t say I’m impressed.  Maybe if it didn’t look like a Portal style robot i’d be on board.

I’d prefer an AR-15 desk lamp made out of real parts any day over this perpetrator.  Plus if you get bored of the AR-15 desk lamp you can always just use the rail on another AR build.

At the time of writing this the project has 206 backers with $53712 out of the $70000 goal raised.  At first I was really surprised, but then I remembered the COWWADOOTY crowd. *facepalm*

You can check out the Kickstarter project page – HERE

Thoughts?  Agree with me?  Or are haters gonna hate?

Side note: I get a kick out of seeing the term “industrial design” used so frivolously nowadays. Good job description to drop to try and impress girls though I suppose. They’ll become wise to that and realize you’re just a standard nerd that knows his way around Solidworks by the end of date #1 though, and the joke will be on you. haha

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A killer do it yourself project by a crafty mom:

You can read the whole article on her blog, it’s pretty funny.

After a comment from her husband: “It feels like Paris is taking over in here” and some inspiration from Phillippe Starck (maker of a ~$2000 version) she decided to take on the project.  She writes a cheeky hilarious letter to Phillippe Starck in the article too, school him on “guns”.  I know the correct terms are “firearm”, “handgun”, “pistol”, “rifle” etc.. but I’ve never been too picky on that.  I know for some of you it’s probably like the clip/magazine thing, but every time I say “firearm” to someone that isn’t really into them I feel like I should check the time on my pocket watch and adjust my monocle. 

I’m still partial to a desk lamp made out of real AR-15 parts, but the price is obviously not even comparable.


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Stockpile Designs is the bomb at re-purposing:

The lamp pictured above is made with the tail fins of a 100-lb bomb from the Korean War. Paint and corrosion are removed to expose gleaming steel, interrupted by rough machinists marks from the factory. The interior of the fins retains the original turquoise paint, for a subtle wink of color. Finished with a polished nickel socket, elegant cloth-wrapped cord, and an ultra-premium natural linen shade. – Price: $780

The above lamp is made from a MK23 Practice Bomb was used by the Navy during WWII for dive-bombing trials. The central shaft was fitted with a flare, so the pilots could judge their accuracy from the air.  – Price $120

The above light is made from a Cluster bomb bomblet.  Cluster bombs were hollow cylinders, with compartments packed with these explosive bomblets. At a certain altitude the casing of the cluster bomb would split, and the bomblets would spring open and fall towards the target. Unfortunately, bomblets sometimes failed to detonate on impact, leading to civilian deaths for years after the end of conflict. – Price $90

You can check out the rest of their designs at

Really neat stuff.  You automatically know it’s going to be quality just looking at the materials and the craftsmanship from back in the day.  The prices aren’t that bad either, especially for the smaller items.

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Interesting idea.  I wouldn’t want to make shooting a light out a habit though when real handguns are near by. No telling what I might accidentally do when I’m groggy first thing in the morning.

No price or availablity date, but you can visit the website – HERE


Once again on his twitter page, 50 talks about some gun related stuff, specifically lamps:

The picture of his awesome lamp:

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