LANTAC comes correct with visual poetry:

360 with the wrist, boy!  Sure it’s “operator fluff” but who cares?  Damn that music is inspirational too.

1:27 – Me = dead.  When the rain jumped off that AK and the shell casing ejected my heart skipped a beat.

Slow motion too… oh the feels.

Wait… he doesn’t have a notch in his hat at 2:00?  Wtf is this? NEXT.  hahah jk.

Lantac-Muzzle-BrakesI’m going to offer one criticism and say that YouTube bandwidth is free, so why murder my retinas with 720p? #FirstWorldProblems  It’s bad enough 1080p is the new norm, and not yet 4k. :P

LANTAC I love you long time.



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The LANTAC Dragon.  Looks legit enough to operate with, I’ll say that much:

Could they have found a more HSLD GTG stereotypical operator for the video?  Lame though that his hat doesn’t have notches in it. Dead giveaway that he’s not Tier -13 Delta Special Elite Counter Counter Counter Black Hole Antimatter Ops.

Available only in 5.56×45 for now.  $140 over at LANTAC USA.  Operators are standing by.

Lantac-Dragon-Muzzle-BrakeThrow on some tactical arm tape, crack a cold one, and it’s 1000+ yard head shots on tangos until you run out of ammo (or your beer gets warm).  Does the front of this thing not look like a bottle opener?

That video is smooth… how could anyone ever get sick of seeing brass flying through the air in slow motion like that?


Hat tip: Scott