Haha robbers didn’t get into his safe… LAPD did though apparently:


*smh* What a pain in the ass. Oh well at least he didn’t catch a case this time around.

Full story – WashingtonTimes

I know some of you player hate on Dan, every time I put up a related post. I say let that man live. No one is forcing you to follow him and hate your life.  Even though I follow him on Instagram I seemingly miss all of his pictures when I scroll through my feed multiple times a day… just checked his page out again now, and he appears to be still thriving.

Thoughts?  Do you think he asked for it (the attempted robbery not the alleged LAPD shenanigans) by posting pictures of his collection up on Instagram?

Gat tip: Josh

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All because the driver wouldn’t say where he was going:

LAPDI’ll say this again…even though I think being a law enforcement officer of any kind has got to be the most frustrating job on earth, the point is you’re a public servant so if you can’t deal with the shitheads as cordially as you can deal with the people you could see yourself hanging out with, then it’s probably time for a new line of work.

Thoughts?  Will this woman lose her badge, or will the incident get swept under the rug?

Hat tip: Tym, Craig


“Oh it’s dark over there, and I can’t see… why don’t I just aim my loaded shotgun with a flashlight mounted on it in that direction.” – Definitely the start of a good idea right there, i’ll have to remember that.

Beanbag loads or buckshot, it really doesn’t make a difference.  At that range a beanbag would kill a person just as dead.

Occupy peeps love when cops mess up, perfect opportunity for a witty chant.  I bet a bunch of them got together after that and filed a formal complaint, which no doubt will be subsequently laughed at and filed in the bin labeled “trash”.