Dad and Hanna try to one up each other:

But both end up losing miserably.

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen the original Facebook Parenting – Laptop Becomes A Casualty Of The 1911 make sure to check it out.

As far as impersonations go, that guy is really good.   He even looks like that actual Dad! A Gatling flamethrower though? *shrug* whatevs


Hat tip: Ross


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The younger “gun store guy” goes full-douchebag:

If you’ve been living under a rock he’s patterning the above video after the Facebook Parenting video.

I hope this just just a stunt for the camera.  A tv they found in the garbage perhaps?

The only thing cool is the break open 10GA.   That little “throw” of it at the end was real douchey…



This guy is bad ass:

Skip to 7:08  if you want to skip the letter reading and see the 1911 mag dump.

I’m sure people will be calling child protective services on him for being such a terrible person and killing his daughter’s access to the internet.  Inhumane in this day and age! :P  Sounds like that little brat deserved it.  I hope she’s embarrassed and learned a lesson.   Too bad she probably hates her parents even more now, and will likely drop out of school and become a stripper.  Mission not accomplished.

I complained all the time about doing anything that I considered “work”, but I still did it.  My parents were too nice to break anything of mine… they paid for it anyway, and they knew i’d likely just be more of a little idiot if I was missing one of my favorite things.

Any of your parents shoot/break anything of yours to prove a point?

Hat tip: Jared, Rob, Kevin, Bill, Bryan


Google ChromeOS demo lab has a neat little interactive website up where you can have a simulated “chat” with a lab tech to suggest how they should destroy the Cr48 netbook.

Check it out – HERE

Naturally the first thing I tried was “Shoot”.. that worked. So then “Blow Up” .. that worked too.

It suggested “William Tell” to me as well.. so I typed that in and it was pretty cool too.

Use your imagination, I’m sure there are plenty of other cool videos they have done.

To save you the trouble, I also entered some swear words and it told me to stop a few times, then it opened a new tab and googled “Cleaning Supplies” LOL

Speaking of ChromeOS and the google netbook… that is something I am buying immediately once it is released to the public.