Larry Vicker

LAV killing it as usual.  His first coffee table book:

Go to your local book stores and libraries, make a big pile of all other 1911 related books and light a match.

0:55 – Damn, while Larry was training for special forces and getting 1911 headshots on Tangos I was still shitting in diapers. Really puts things into perspective.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-Parody2:52 – He lost count how many of his own 1911s are pictured in the book. Haha you can always count on Larry for a good lifestyle flex.

Without even turning a physical page on this book and reading a word, I have complete confidence Larry brougt his Tier -23 A game and is unimpeachable.

Thoughts? You picking this up for the expensive coffee table which your girl said would really complete / bring together the room? This 1911 book would look good thoughtfully placed on it Homeslice *very Larry voice and emphasis*.

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