larry vickers

Larry is a legend.  I highly recommend watching this:

Larry and his story are doing the heavy lifting in this video, but the no-date Submariner is looking 💯 too.

Some people like Larry have such interesting back stories.  My “profiles of courage” would be like: “*shrug* I went to school and hated every second of it… then believed that if I didn’t go to University I could never make any money… so naturally I did 12 more years worth of school and hated every second of it.” *credits roll on screen*.  haha oh well, NO RAGRETS.

I respect Larry for his military service, but I connect with him on a business level.  He’s an inspration;  truly a master of his craft… the YouTube videos and the Vickers Guide books are incredible.


Our dude Larry explains his four modified rules:

Good stuff.


Whoa a Vickers two volume Guide for Sig Sauer:

For some reason I was only expecting his book series to continue with very historically significant firearm families.  After watching the above video though, it does look like there’s a lot to talk about.  I hope he comes out with a Glock one someday.  I bet Glock has a TON of cool stuff the public has never seen.  Maybe even a hi-point one someday? 🤞😏🤞

You can pick volume 1 of Larry’s SIG book up on his website.

Thoughts?  I’m always in awe of how good Larry is at this whole internet content thing.  He has the hard goods like books and slings etc… then he markets the hell out of them, but the videos never seem pushy.  It’s just like “Here’s an awesome book I made.  It’s available if you want to buy it.”… you love to see it.


My favorite Larry Vuitton content:

LOL that “Larry turns it off” jingle, will never get old for me.  I don’t know what he’s talking about saying rainbows are rare 🤔.. I see rainbows several times per week when it’s the rainy season.

The content we needed during quarantine.  Larry should just re-release this video for pride month 🏳️‍🌈, just to annoy / troll a good portion (I’m guessing) of his audience who would no doubt be unbelievably nuclear level outraged.

Thoughts?  It’s always nice to kill two birds with one stone and get some Rolex content from Larry too.


You guys know how much I love “production of” videos 😍😍😍:

0:12 – $200,000,000 production hall.  Wooooo FLEX.

Holy there are a LOT of steps. Damn, Sellier & Bellot is very impressive.

3:20 – Exceptional mullet.  Sellier in the front, Bellot in the back as they say in the Czech Republic.

3:56 – 😲whoa that thing picking up the rounds looks cool, and so smooth!

There’s a factory tour video he did with some different footage and an interview you should make sure to czech out if you already haven’t.




It’s 9mm, auto, two triggers (one auto), up to 40 round extendo box magazines, and even has the airholes like the TEC9.  Too cool.  Oh man that wood is nice too.

Do they call this thing the Italian Street Sweeper?  Luigi’s Typewriter at least?  If not, the Italians are really just getting the sauce wrong.

Thoughts? I like that Rolex Explorer II of Larry’s too.